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Smart Meter

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  • Smart Meter

    British Gas offered to fit Smart meters for gas and electricity. Not being a Luddite I thought "Great, bring it on" Half day Wednesday removing the accumulated stuff from the cupboard under the stairs. Engineer arrived Thursday 8:00 am and started work. Turned off the electricity (after querying what the old fashioned metal switch box was for, it was the supply to the garage). Played for a while then announced that he couldn't fit a smart meters because there was no mobile phone signal under the stairs. With 3 brick walls around it not surprising. Said he would have to cancel the fitting and turned the electricity back on.

    Moved the accumulated stuff back under the stairs, though some went to the tip. Did find some tools that I hadn't been able to locate for ages.

    Mid Saturday afternoon, hot, ice cream time. Wife gets 2 Ice cream lollies out of the freezer and when I opened mine the stick came away and the white liquid ran everywhere. Checked the garage. Checked the light, no light, looked in the freezer. Chest freezer with a lot of the items floating in the bottom. Fridge wasn't exactly chilled either.

    Confusion could have been that the old style metal fuse boxes have the up for on and down for off whereas the new plastic boxes are up for off and down for on. But then the engineer, at 22, possibly hadn't seen that metal type before.

    Looks like the "engineer" forgot to turn the electricity on to the garage. Hmmmm.... List gone in to British Gas for lost items. £190 or so. See what comes back.

    So if you get a smart meter installed check that all the power has been turned back on.
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    Re: Smart Meter

    Some times you wish the installer could be as smart as the meter.


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      Re: Smart Meter

      As a stand by, might be worth lodging notification of a possible claim with house insurers if you have freezer cover.


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        Re: Smart Meter

        I've had a response from the CEO's office and it is being investigated. Give it a couple of days then I will kick off again. I'll let you know. The papers will certainly get to know if they try to be smart.


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          Re: Smart Meter

          Originally posted by ostell View Post
          I've had a response from the CEO's office and it is being investigated..
          "The peasants are re-volting!"
          "Call out the Ohm Guard!"
          "Resistance is futile!!"



          This is only my opinion - "Opinions are made to be changed --or how is truth to be got at?" (Byron)

          You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.
          Cohen, Herb

          There is danger when a man throws his tongue into high gear before he
          gets his brain a-going.
          Phelps, C. C.

          "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance!"
          The last words of John Sedgwick


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            Re: Smart Meter

            Originally posted by charitynjw View Post
            "The peasants are re-volting!"
            "Call out the Ohm Guard!"
            "Resistance is futile!!"


            Hang on a Mho !!!!!!!


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              Re: Smart Meter

              Well, it gets worse.

              I had a response from the CEO office promising 5 working days to respond but this was just a template. I've also had a first response from "Customer Service" (now there's a misnomer if ever there was one!). Despite already being one week in the have responded with another template saying that they are ever so busy and will get back to me within 10 working days and I may be able to find the answer on the web site. I don't think so !! That time will take it up to 3 weeks since my original email.


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                Re: Smart Meter

                Well, today a phone call from the executive office! They are willing to pay for the lost food. I mentioned the hassle of trying to get rid of the food and the time taken to clean up the mess. I suggested I would be happy with 2 hours (I'm not greedy). Then comments coming back to me about how every body has a different pay rate and how difficult it is to come to an agreement about things like that. I suggested that perhaps a suitable figure would be £19 an hour that is accepted by the small claims court for costs. This seemed to have an effect as there was a distinct pause in the conversation followed by an offer of £250.
                I'm happy with that, Supposedly in my bank in about 3 days. If not I have his direct line.


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                  Just to add to this. I changed suppliers and the new supplier, because of problems with the electric meter (this may appear as another thread) in that the digits disappeared and lo and behold the Smart meters that they supplied actually worked. And it's still the old type 1 meters and not the type 2.


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