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No electricity meter for property.

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  • No electricity meter for property.

    I'm renting a property where we pay a fairly high amount up front for utilities, which should be paid back yearly by the landlord based on actual usage.

    Normally, I'd take meter readings to register at suppliers, but this property is a sort of cottage on the landlord's main property, thus I didn't register with any supplier since there's just meters going off from the landlord's own supply. I remember check-in day going round the house with the agent specifically measuring the gas meter (also captured video of it) and I think they couldn't find the electricity meter, sadly my memory isn't great, but I remember being worried about utilities beforehand and being at ease after the walk in. I think the agent mentioned they'd get the electricity meter reading asap.

    Now that the year is over, I actually want to get the difference for utilities, I got the gas reading and asked where the electricity meter is, but it's not where the landlord said, and now they're not sure.

    I'm honestly quite worried that there isn't one or even if there is, since the landlord has no idea I'm pretty sure they never measured it when we checked in.

    I can't really find any resources for a case where the tenants aren't the direct contacts to the supplier, and I'm wondering what happens in the case of a dispute here?

    If landlord doesn't have proof of the meter readings, and can't give an accurate estimation of usage, is it on me to have gotten the meter readings at check in? Even if the meter hasn't even been available to me? Also if they don't have proof, how can they disprove me claiming I've only used 10kWh in a year for instance?

    Anyone with some perspective on a situation like this, I'd really appreciate it.
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    Hi Marty1028

    Welcome to LB

    To be honest, energy is a big talking point at this moment in time, not getting things set in stone from the start, you now have a problem, which if you had, you wouldn't have.

    If the landlord presents you with a 'bill', then you need to dispute it, if it seems 'unreasonable', you can work out your usage on an average day regards the appliance you have, i.e. lights, shower, kettle etc. Then work out the week, month and year. Offer to pay, that towards the electricity unless they can prove otherwise.

    So Excel Spreadsheet. Whoever provides the gas, probably provides the electricity to, so you can check the Tariff you are on, it will probably be the same as gas. So you are heading off any potential dispute.


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      As I understand it a LL can only sell electricity at the price they pay for it. I also wonder whether the "deposit" for usage falls foul of the deposit legislation?


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        This fairly long after posted, however for what it is worth. i have personally put forth that electricity because of how the government together with the utilities have manipulated the system, that electricity is a right the same as shelter, fresh air, food and clean water. The reason is simple, there is nothing you can do today without electricity. cook food, heat your home, charge your phone, television, computer, car, check your bills, pay your bills, check emergency services, medical aids at home,hot water etc. etc. So in my humble opinion it's a right. I have been a human rights lawyer (not bar) since 1965, I have some experience. Cheers.


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          Well it is a right as long as you actually pay for it. It isn't free!


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