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Estimated gas bill

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  • Estimated gas bill

    Hi, since February 2023 my gas meter has not worked. The exterior smart meter has no digital reading because the screen is blank. I have contacted EON at least 4 times. 3 phone calls and a text in the feedback section. My little black reader in the house reads the electricity but the gas readings are zero or blank. Tariff - - - - -
    gas used balance zero.Current Tariff pence o.oo I have taken photos on my phone. One of the phone calls, a male telephonist told me that when the meter is fixed, it will read exactly how much gas has been used. What absolute rubbish.
    Today I received an estimated gas bill 26th sept 2023-30th sept 2023 2.90 1st oct 2023-26th nov 2023 total 48.75 to be paid in 7 days.
    If my meter is dead and there are no readings whatsoever, can EON estimate a gas bill and also charge me standing charge on the meter because there has been no maintenance carried out. If the meter is dead, EON have no idea what gas I have used and I have no idea either.

    Do I pay the estimated bill? Your help would be appreciated

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    Hi Dave

    Welcome to LB

    Raise a dispute, follow their complaints procedure which will be on their website. They can send estimated bills, but you want to find out exactly what they are billing you for as part of the technology isn't working. Especially as you've told them on many occasions.

    Also send them a SAR request to see what data is on your account. This is exactly why things spiral out of control, you've told them, they have done nothing.


    If it's not sorted then you can take your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman.

    You should be compensated as the energy company hasn't resolved the issue since February 2023, how are you meant to gauge your usage and budget.



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      Thank you very kindly for your help and advice, much appreciated.


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