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Three mobile billing

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  • Three mobile billing

    Hi all
    my husband had 2 sim only contracts with Three. He enquired via live chat about cancelling the oldest one and upgrading the most recent one to a higher data plan. He was told this would be possible and there would be no charge for cutting off the older number so he agreed on a new tarrif for the most recent one and the old number was cut off. 2 months later out of the blue he has received a bill for almost £300 for terminating his old number. He has sent them the transcript of the conversation with their agent stating the number would be cancelled immediately with no charge but they are adamant that he must pay and are now saying if he doesn’t pay they are going to add the £300 on to his next direct debit payment for the number he kept on with them. Can they do this? Where do we stand given we have proof they cancelled it free of charge?

    thanks in advance
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    Hi LMSmith

    Welcome to LB

    Unfortunately Telecom, Utility companies think they can do what they like, because they are to big to 'fail'.

    For what it's worth, I agree that the £300 is nonsense as you've been informed that you wouldn't have to pay it.

    On their website is a Complaints procedure - https://www.three.co.uk/support/comp...ow-to-complain, follow it get a final response / deadlock letter, if it still isn't resolved make a complaint to the Services Ombudsman - https://ombudsman-landing.pages.dev/

    With your complaint attach you chat transcript (well done on that), don't take any nonsense from them.

    Please update once you get a response.


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      If you have evidence they would cancel the 'old contract' no held to term rather than upgrade( which sounds odd .. sounds like an agent either pressured ..untrained ..or fudging new contracts for sales a combination of bad management )..then they don't have a legg to stand on if you took new contract under premise old ended no held to term raise dsar ico etc and complaint to CEO .. email CEO cc ICO and appropriate regulator .. include the webchat .. ico under your terms of information violated as not construed to et al


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        Thanks all, he did as suggested and made a complaint and attached the conversation and they’ve suddenly gone very quiet so hopefully that’s the end of it!


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          Originally posted by lmsmith View Post
          Thanks all, he did as suggested and made a complaint and attached the conversation and they’ve suddenly gone very quiet so hopefully that’s the end of it!
          Thanks for the update, if they do persist just update the thread.


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