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Property empty for 2 years - are you still expected to pay for utilities?

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  • Property empty for 2 years - are you still expected to pay for utilities?

    Hi each a- I am giggling today at the utter stupidity of EDF, who have decided to chuck a default on my credit file out of the blue, for a property I do not live in, in fact I own the property but it has been empty for 2 years now - I think I should now consider myself an expert at getting defaults/CCJ's removed

    This will be 3 x Defaults and 1 x CCJ from 4 x diferent companies I have successfully Removed ( lol )

    It would appear that all utility companies have the same level of bureaucratic lunacy combined with a failure to follow simple rules and procedures )

    Anyway on to my question - is there any kind of relief from paying ( even the standing charge ) for a vacant property? I am already paying gas/water/electricity where I currently live - and if the answer is no - does anyone know if the Local Councils pay all of those standing charges ( water, gas, electricity ) on all of their thousands of empty properties also?

    I will of course keep you up to date regarding my current default - but it won't be there for long I assure you
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    This is a problem every landlord with empty property's faces.

    I think ( check this before you act on it ) If the property is not liveable or under repair, , you dont have to pay standing charges. a property's not liveable if it cant supply elecy or water or heating. Or if works are enough so its none liveable around the works.

    Be carfull when answering questions to the services over the phone becuase they ask you questions to try and make you liable.
    crazy council ( as in local council,NELC ) as a member of the public, i don't get mad, i get even


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      I believe there are very few circumstances you can stop payment of standing charges on utility meters . I am aware that SSE will consider it if you
      • You haven't used any gas and/or electricity since you took on the property
      • You haven't used any gas and/or electricity since you took on the property
      • our supply when you moved into the property was already with SSE
      Other companies may have criteria, but I would contact them and ask for the terms under which they will return standing charges.

      The most define way is to request the meter be removed, however they will charge to reinstate if you ever need utilities.


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