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E.ON broke into my unit and disconnected the power.

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  • E.ON broke into my unit and disconnected the power.

    Hi there

    I am a long time reader but this is my first post, I’m hoping you could assist me.
    Today I found my electricity supply was forcibly disconnected to my commercial unit by E.ON. I was not in when they attended. They drilled one of my door locks out and damaged the remaining two by picking them. They crudely replaced the lock they drilled out.

    When I leased my unit, some months ago, I contacted E.ON to have electricity account put in my name. After bouncing me around various departments I was finally put in touch with the business department who advised me to send through some supporting documentation. I did this and then nothing….Despite follow up emails I never received a reply. I continued to receive E.ON correspondence addressed to the last tenant which I returned with notes saying they had left the address. I contacted their business accounts department via email again to advise them I was still receiving letters addressed to the previous tenant….still nothing.
    Again and again I marked the letters as return to sender, left address.
    I sent E.ON a signed for registered letter notifying them that they need to update their records and included their latest letters addressed to the previous tenant. Again nothing.
    Recently I received a hand delivered letter marked urgent but still addressed to the previous tenant. I send this back by registered delivery again with a note to update their records.
    Today they left two letters, one addressed to the previous tenant with the new keys for the lock they replaced and the other letter addressed to the ‘occupier’. In the ‘occupier ‘letter they had the nerve to say it appears a new tenant has moved in and instructions on how to set up and account. Has it really taken them that long to realise this?

    I would like some advice as to where I stand with this from a legal point of view. I received no notice they were going to disconnect the power and they have not provided me with a copy of their warrant, essentially they have broken into my warehouse. My main priority would be to restore the power supply as without it items in my freezers will spoil, they have changed the main fuses for blanks. However they have damaged the floor of my commercial unit by dragging furniture out of the way of the meter area and they also damaged the front door and its locks. I would like to take action against E.ON but presume it will be too hard to justify the actual value of my losses from not being able to carry on my business without power.

    Does anyone with an electrical background know if a standard electrician can replace the blank 100amp fuses so the power supply can be re-energized? Can I re-connect with a different supplier as I needless to say I haven’t been impressed with E.ONs customer service.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Do you have documented proof that you contacted E-on regarding setting up a new account?
    I would contact E-on and ask for an explanation of why they carried out the entry without your permission and what they are prepared to offer as compensation.
    An electrician could replace the fuse, but you would put them and yourself at risk of prosecution.
    Please see attached E-on T&C's for commercial customers, see if anything in there helps your case.
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