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Disputed Debt & Domestic Abuse

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  • Disputed Debt & Domestic Abuse

    I was first contacted about a debt owing with EON about Jan of this year, at first I thought it was spam and then realised I had put my name on an account on my ex partners rental property that he was managing at the time on behalf of his Dad. I never took my name off the account presuming the future tenants would put theirs on, except they never did. I know it was stupid of me to presume so but I'd never had to pay bills up until this point.

    I contacted EON straight away and explained that I have never lived at this property, yes I'd put my name on the account but my ex partner had asked me too but the relationship was abusive.

    I was told to email them and explain the situation, which I did. I received a reply saying to send my exes contact details and they would transfer the account. I then found out after speaking to the debt agency that this was refused on the ground of no evidence. I was never asked for evidence and never informed it had been rejected.

    I was then informed that if I could prove my ex was liable, they would transfer the debt into his name. It was either that or contact my ex partner for him to take on the debt. I found it completely ridiculous that they expected me to go back cap in hand to my ex and ask him to take on the debt. Not only do I not have contact with him, given the circumstances, he doesn't even pay maintenance for his daughter so there is no chance of him taking the debt on.

    I managed to recover some old documents relating to the renting of the property which is my eyes went some way to proving he was liable. EON have now said that the documents don't matter and it's a third party dispute between myself and my ex.

    I've found dealing with EON an absolute nightmare, I've been passed from department to department, told one thing and then another and there doesn't seem to be any compassion or empathy given the circumstances. They want their money and that's it.

    I'm going to write a letter of complaint to them over their dealing of my case but is there any further advice the Legal Beagles can offer?

    Much appreciated.
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    I'm afraid that if you transferred the account to your name, you possibly (unwittingly) assumed responsibility for the account.
    EON aren't noted for their sympathetic attitude,
    Have you actually received a proper bill or just a notice of debt?

    Are you able to show (via council tax and other utility bills) that you were not living at the property to which the bill(s) relate?
    If you can prove that you were living and paying for energy elsewhere at a given time do you think a Judge would decide you had simultaneously used and were liable for energy at another property?
    IMO any claim EON took to court would likely fail.

    EON normally request from the landlord copies of tenancy agreements when there is a dispute over liability for bills, but this is not the sole measure of responsibility for payment.


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      I'm aware that as my name is on the account I, technically am responsible.

      As I have never lived at the property, I actually have no paperwork relating to this debt.

      I proposed that I could prove that I lived elsewhere but that was rejected. The only way I could do it would be via Council Tax documents as the property I did live in with my ex belonged to his Dad so there was no formal tenancy agreement as we lived rent free.

      The debt I believe stands at about 260. Would they really take me to court for so little?


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        As you have never received a proper bill you are not in a position to understand the debt.
        So when you complain about the way they have handled the matter, include a request for the original invoice.
        Do not admit liability, even technically, for the bill

        Also separately send E.ON a Subject Access Request (as per shortcut panel to right this page) for all the information they have about you.


        • #5
          What is meant by 'not in a position to understand the debt'?

          I'll submit a Subject Access Request too.

          Thank you for all your help so far.


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            Without a proper bill showing meter readings and period covered etc you are not in a position to know whether or not it is your responsibility.
            E.ON have (as far as I can tell from your post) just rolled up and said "you owe us 260, please pay".
            So go back and ask them for a proper bill


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              I understand what you're saying but EON are just insisting that it is my responsibility because it's my name on the account.

              My argument is as it was a rental property, although yes my name is on the account, it should be technically the tenant/landlord that is responsible for the bills and not myself as I have never lived at this property. My name was only on the account because I sorted the admin out for the properties my ex managed.


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