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British gas missed payments never had usage

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  • British gas missed payments never had usage

    Hi there
    This is my first post, so please go easy on me if I make a few mistakes, or something out.
    I bought a dilapidated flat in 2015 and sadly became unwell so the flat has never been fixed, its never had water, electricity or gas in the flat, or at least has never had any usage. I've not been to the flat since i bought it in 2015, it originally was bought as a project but then this year i decided to sell it as i needed the money as i wanted to buy a family home, however when i checked my credit report it showed that i had missed British Gas payments from 2017 for electricity, not sure why they began to record them on my credit report 2 years later?

    I spoke to their debt team today to see whats going on and they said i owe them as its for accrued standing charges and the missed payments on my credit report are accurate. Apparently the account was set up by myself in 2015 over the phone, however both my forename and surname were slightly mispelt, which meant that my email address which is my name was also mispelt, thus i received no emailed bills , nor any emails demanding payment or anything otherwise, they said thats irrespective as they sent paper letters to the address *which again would have been in the wrong name, not that ive been there. I asked if they had discretion to remove the missed payments from my credit file as they should be able to see that they misspelt my name and can see that i never had ANY usage and for 25p a day standing charge, that something is amiss and that their mistake was that the account was wrongly set up and email was wrongly inputted and that i wouldn't avoid paying 25p a day to ruin my credit report, and surely they could understand that it makes no sense as to why i would allow it to accrue without any usage or benefit, if they had been in contact and i received any bills, i would have cancelled the account. I tried to reason that their were mistakes on both parts but they were adamant that the missed payments on my credit report would not be removed and would stand, I did try to again reason and ask if there was anything i could do and the guy basically said pay your debt and that nothing would be altered as its not inaccurate reporting on my credit report. I got really upset and the guy said that he will call me tomorrow to talk about a payment plan as the debt needs to be recuperated.

    I really would appreciate any help with this as its ruined my credit report and i don't know where to turn, is their any probability of the missed payments being removed? has anyone been through anything similar?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Unfortunately, I can see no way out of this except to pay what is owed.


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      Sophia I, and thousands of others are in a similar situation solely down to the crass ineptitude of British Gas. It's best I don't put forward what my thoughts on this shower are. Firstly they won't accept they have done anything wrong and will not redact any defaults, so don't waste your time. In our case they seemed to take some sort of perverse pleasure in ruining our lives. I can only assume it's because so many of them have something missing in their lives. We did go to The Energy Ombudsman but very much regretted it, I wish I'd read the reviews on Trust Pilot before contacting them, however there is no other option. The harsh reality is that you are between an inept dysfunctional obnoxious corporate and an ombudsman who's wages are paid by British Gas and a few others. To advise considering The Energy Ombudsman is a sad indictment of the 'system' and the complete futility of all this. The fact is that energy companies should not be reporting to Credit Reference Agencies and should be barred from doing so as mobile phone companies were. I have searched on Legal Beagles to see if there is a legal route or court process to having a default removed in that the defaults registered against my partner and I were so flawed it was nothing more than a work of fiction but still they refused to accept they were in the wrong. I'm sorry to be negative as I am the eternal optimist but until anyone in government or in a position to bring about change are willing to act many of us have a lot more hardship to look forward to. Best of luck. Regards. Lauren


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