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I-supply electric arrear now with EDF

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  • I-supply electric arrear now with EDF

    Hi I was after some advice about my I-supply energy account that has been transferred to EDF.

    Bit if background - I switched to I-supply in 2013 who turned out to be the worst provider I have had to deal with. When I swapped money was really tight as we had just had a 3rd child and were on 1 income. They were really inflexible with direct debit dates so I paid manually each month.

    Over time I fell into arrears but could never speak to anyone about it as there phone lines closed at 5pm each day so due to busy workload was never able to resolve arrears or proved metre readings. This went on for about 3 years and I know that I missed several months of payments. I got back on track paying regularly at the end of 2019 however the outstanding balance was around £4816 I know I missed a lot of payments but this amount seemed excessive to me. I tried with I-supply to get a full break down of usage ect and they weren't able to provide me with this.

    The account passed to EDF in April this year including the arears. I have asked them to provide with a brake down and usage and they have told me to go back to I-supply. I made a subject access request to I-supply and all they sent me my a pdf with credits and payments to the account over the last 5 years however there is no information on my usage or metre readings.

    EDF have said I need to make a repayment plan but are unable to prove I owe them the amount stated. I am happy to pay what I have used but don't think it is fait that EDF can just demand that I pay it with out being able to prove my usage. I am also stuck with EDF until this is cleared which I also feel is unfair.

    Any help on resolving this would be much appreciated.
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    As I-supply have ceased trading you cannot now ask them for metre readings or usage. Also, as EDF took over 190000 customers from I-supply I very much doubt they will have a letter of assignment for your debt.

    If they canít prove the debt, they are going to struggle taking any legal action against you. If you are in a position to negotiate? That may be the best solution for all parties.


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