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Together Energy

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  • Together Energy

    Myself and many others are suffering with these morons. What started out as a cheap tariff has turned into a nightmare from hell. I have had a complaint supposedly settled after 8 months and going through the Ombudsman. Still a mess and can get no satisfaction by phone or email. There is a page on FB for customers support and there is some very sorry stories.
    Seems Ombudsman has no clout . Ofgem wont take on individuals so we all in limbo and cant swap providers cause they block you saying you owe a fortune, not the case and I do hope everyone has proof of payments made that they have lost I know I have mine.
    Any idea what can be done or indeed where to go nest would be much appreciated.
    PS do not touch this company if you value your sanity
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    One of the members on the TE thread on Facebook put it all in perspective, I have contacted Watchdog but there is promise of a reply so this carries on. Here is what the member wrote.

    ¬*It would have to be an extended programme. The new Energy Company that didn't have the systems, management or staff to cope then takes on the customers of another failed energy company. The situation gets worse, people can't get their money back. The company is on the brink of Financial failure when Warrington Council pump in £18m of taxpayers money. The company continues to go from bad to worse. Drops to the bottom of all the ratings, Trustpilot reviews are the worst of any Energy Company. Govt and OFGEM don't seem to be acting even though they have been made aware. The Ombudsman is swamped with complaints. After complaints that they never answer emails, answer calls or respond to formal complaints the CEO makes a mealy mouthed public apology which makes the company into a laughing stock. The ratepayers of Warrington are now worrying where there £18m has gone and why. Meanwhile a Facebook support group is formed by customers worried that they have been wrongly billed, payments not credited to their accounts and being blocked from leaving. The company continues in a downward spiral and then Look After My Bills starts switching customers in large numbers into the company however those customers soon become disallusiioned and disgruntled and LAMBS ratings start to fall dramatically as scathing reviews are posted about their angst at being transferred by what they thought was a good switching company to a failing energy supplier. Well that's about it so far but there will no doubt be plenty more chapters if someone wants to ping that on to Watchdog¬*


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