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Advised £0 Balance, Now chasing Debt 2 yrs Later

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  • Advised £0 Balance, Now chasing Debt 2 yrs Later

    Back in 2017 I contacted all my creditors to pay off all my Debts. One of them was a utility company, who I contacted through their automated payment line, I was transferred to an advisor..I asked to pay off the debt in full , however the advisor told me that there was nothing to pay.¬* I asked again and said that I believe there was a balance and the advisor said, you have nothing to pay, the accounts are zero balance.¬* At the time, I was having issues with our Landlord so all my calls were being recorded, so this particular call to the Utility company was recorded and I still have the recording. Fast Forward to September 2019, I start receiving a bombardment of calls from a debt collection agency.¬* Who told me they were acting on behalf of said Utility Company.¬* Having gone through a house move and destroyed all paperwork for this utility company, I had no record of the debt outstanding. I contacted the utility company for a breakdown of the debt, what I received was a shambles of final bills which didnt tie up to the figures the debt collecgion agents were asking for.¬* Still confused and wondering why this debt was outstanding, I eventually come across my recording stating that the balance on the accounts were in fact zero. The Utility company have now said that their advisor told me that there was a zero balance as the debt had been sold to a Debt Agency, so the debt was still payable.¬* I asked if the debt had been sold, why were they also asking for the debt to be paid?... Ive never been advised the debt had been sold on, in fact, Ive still not received anything in writing from the Utility company or the Debt Collection Agents since my call in 2017.¬*
    Would¬* that call in 2017 , where I have offered to pay in full,¬* then being advised it is a zero balance be an oral agreement that my offer was accepted and I was told there was nothing to pay, which satisfies my debt and is deemed settled?... The utility company are saying I owe them this money, despite my argument that they accepted my offer of payment by telling me there was nothing to pay.¬* Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated please on the options I have.¬*
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    Sorry no the debt was no longer with them and zero¬* byas settled debt collection agency and owed to them but imo should have been made clear to you and you could argue with original utility company not transparent or fair poor customer service and gave impression no debt at all .. if a fair analysis of situation in no way advocating you blame the advisor only if you were not given full picture


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