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SSE Bill from Pastdue Credit for standing charges at property that is now sold

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  • SSE Bill from Pastdue Credit for standing charges at property that is now sold

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    #1 SSE bill for standing charges at property now sold

    Today, 08:08:AM
    I have a Lasting Power of Attorney for my Mum, who has been in care for dementia for six years. A year ago I sold her property in order to continue funding her residential care. Prior to sale the property was let for three years to a tenant through a letting estate agent.
    I was contacted this July by Pastdue Credit for an SSE bill of 226 for standing charges. The bill was addressed to myself, not my mother, although I have never been the account holder, and with the name and address both wrong. Several attempts to get PDCS to get my name and address right have so far failed.
    The billing period on the SSE bill was incorrect, since it included almost a full calendar month after the new owners had moved into the sold property. When I phoned PDCS I was told I would have to produce documents to prove that the billing period was incorrect. I therefore obtained a statement from my mother's solicitor, who had done the conveyancing, and forwarded a pdf file of the document to PDCS, requesting that they ask SSE to send me an amended bill showing the correct billing period. I also paid an advance of 100 at that time. In due course I received through PDCS a new bill, but still for the full amount, not taking into account the advance I had paid, and still showing a billing period after the property had been sold. When I phoned PDCS I was told that they had been unable (two months earlier) to open the pdf file showing that the billing period was incorrect. When I asked why I had not been informed of this they were unable to answer. I then sent them a jpg file of the solicitor's letter and asked yet again for an amended bill from SSE. I got an email from PDCS saying that I would have to contact SSE directly to request an amended bill. I wrote back saying I was confused as I thought they were supposed to be handling the claim and asking if they would also like me to forward to SSE all the correspondence between myself and them (i.e. PDCS) as well. I got a reply saying no, they would get in touch with SSE. Still waiting for an amended bill! This is the current state of play.
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    I certainly would not deal with a common or garden debt collector. Bypass them and go straight to the originator.


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      Sorry but if the bill was in your mum's name as POA it would go to you. Suppliers do not know you have sold house or personal circumstances as POA did you advise SSE to close your mum's account so that tenant or letting agent would be responsible for supply in house?If not and bill was in your mum's name it passes to POA. Contact SSE directly but sorry as POA it was your responsibility to control accounts including letting utility companies know you no longer wanted account in your mum's name and tenant would arrange supply.


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