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Electricity debt

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  • Electricity debt

    My daughter has an electricity debt which goes back four years now. She originally thought an online account had been set up but they say they've been sending bills etc but no money had been taken at all during this time (she has chased them previously but they never get anything arranged. Until recently no threatening letters or anything until now.
    It totals nearly £5000 now, she is a one parent family on benefits with the father being chased for non payment by CSA the last 5 years (he pleads poverty).
    My question is, as her dad is if I set up a direct debit to cover the electricity usage at the moment, maybe £70 per month then she pays me weekly are there any difficulties in having the dd in my name for that account?
    At the moment we have sent a subject access request to them. What can we prepare in our defence that might improve her chances of backbilling applying?
    Your thoughts are appreciated.
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    DGS this is only my considered opinion so it could be in error and I'd appreciate a more considered opinion from other members if possible, but unless there is a fault with the meter or the bills have been inaccurate e.g using the incorrect tariff, it is my, unqualified understanding that backbilling will not be a viable expectation as the supplier will not be changing the units of energy or the charges that they have applied until know. ¬*Sorry

    Your daughter is obviously going through a rough patch so one can understand the human reaction it to assist, but have you considered that trying to take on the debt yourself might be weakening and possibly complicating her position? ¬*at present there are protections written into the legislation and the supply licences to make allowanced for "vulnerable" cases and the protection of minors. If you take on the debt, those protections will be nullified, better to just transfer the money to her or actually pay it direct to the supplier if your daughter sets up an online payment with them.

    I notice this thread is a bit old so my comments may be time expired by the time I have written them, but I wish you the best of luck¬*



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      A backbill is a Ďcatch-upí bill sent to you by your gas or electricity supplier when you havenít been correctly charged for your energy use. Backbills can be for any amount, but we have put in place rules which define when your supplier can charge you, and to prevent backbilling beyond 12 months.

      Energy back-billing: Your rights - Ofgem


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