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Warrant for Previous Tenant

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  • Warrant for Previous Tenant

    I need to find out if a warrant of entry for a prepayment meter issued for a previous tenant is still valid.

    EDF entered my new rented property just over a week after moving in to change the meter to a prepayment meter when I was not here, the only reason I knew they had entered my property was because of a note on the side. I have asked for the warrant and proof of notice of intention but it's a little concerning nothing is signed. It was issued on the 22nd of January and executed on the 31st January with no correspondence to my address in-between. The warrant was for this address but in the previous tenants name which makes me think it's not valid.

    The police came to my house on the Tuesday and asked for the previous tenant which I am assuming was to serve the warrant? I'm not to sure? But they were informed the person no longer lived here.

    Any advice would be much appreciated
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  • #2
    How did EDF get in, or is the meter outside?


    • #3
      The meter is outside but they had to turn the gas off,. Guessing they picked the lock


      • #4
        What legislation was the warrant under?

        Was it the Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity Boards) Act 1954 by any chance?


        • #5
          Better check to see if meter has been set to collect an outstanding debt!


          • #6
            It's was under Schedule 2B of the Gas Act 1986, Which I have looked up and the notice of intention which was served back in November was just a intention of court hearing, I had not heard any further communication.

            EDF have been good and have cancelled the debt on the prepayment metere and within 10 days the meter was put back to the original meter.


            • #7
              You asked if the warrant is valid. Without seeing the paperwork one cannot say whether it is actually a "warrant" or a "power of entry" as there are a number of powers in Schedule B, including the cross reference to the warrant under the 1954 Act (above). Some of which require prior notification and some don't. As you say you're a new occupant it's possible that any notification didn't get to you for any number of reasons.
              Either way, my best guess is that it lawful activity but the only way to be sure it to write to EDF to explain their justification for authorising entry or make an application to the issuing court (if it's a warrant) to inspect the Information on which it was granted. The latter will attract a fee and may require a solicitor to check it - at a price. The next step being a judicial review - at a price with no guarantee of success or getting your costs back.

              As for the police visit, they do not enforce energy warrants normally, but may attend in support an engineer, so I guess this was unrelated.


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