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Harassment for debt not in my name

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  • Harassment for debt not in my name

    First poster here, I値l try and keep it simple, but I知 sure in doing so will incur further questions, which I知 happy to answer. Just looking for advice on how to proceed with a harassment claim against them.

    My father has 2 electricity meters in his property.
    One is his responsibility (pre payment - in his name with a supplier unrelated to the one in question).
    The second is the responsibility of the housing association he rents his property from (it痴 located in a cupboard inside his flat, but services the hallway (communal) lighting).

    Ever since he moved in, in March 2015, he痴 been receiving letters to his address, but in the name of

    Staircase Lighting
    Housing H......

    Advising of an outstanding balance, which requires attention.
    The bills are paid by his housing association, but they, obviously, need the bills sending to them to pay them. And in not doing so could 疎ffect your credit rating.

    Both myself and the housing association have contacted said energy supplier numerous times, (I myself have raised several complaints) stating the bills are being sent to the wrong address, and have provided the correct housing association address. Each time I知 being told it痴 壮orted, then a few months later, my father receives another bill/correspondence for the debt.

    As a result of the outstanding debt, he痴 had numerous visits from the same DCA, and when he hasn稚 been in they have left a letter advising of their visit. When they last visited, in November, the agent agreed that they shouldn稚 have been sent there.

    Since this visit in November, it appears, the address was updated, as he received no further correspondence from them. Until recently.

    In May, he received 2 letters. One stating intent to obtain a warrant to gain entry (forced if need be) and a second to confirm warrant had been granted, and a date of execution. Stating entry will be forced, should access not be gained by the addressee.

    After this, I raised a complaint into their head office, outlining the above, which they replied stating, firstly, as the bills were not in his name, his credit rating would not be affected. Which is fair. However, when an elderly gentleman receives a letter to his address (some which WERE addressed to him personally - usually after I raised a complaint - he doesn稚 recognise this, and believes his address will be blacklisted.

    They completely overlooked the harassment claim in their response, placing the blame on the meter being installed in his property and that they acted correctly in sending bills to his address.

    尿s the meter is located inside your fathers property, the address we have on file is correct.

    乃he bills your father received were for a meter located inside his home

    They offered 」100 compensation due to agreeing their 田ustomer service team should have explained the options available to your father before now.

    I spoke to my home insurance legal services, who said there is a case for harassment, however, they池e unable to help as the issue was not inside my home.

    I致e spoken to a couple of different solicitors who advise they could proceed, but would be looking at between 」300-」1000 to go over the case, then there would be legal costs on top, something my father could not afford.

    I did also open a complaint with the ombudsman: energy services, but they would not investigate any harassment claim, and would only offer in the region of 」30-」100 compensation.

    How could one proceed with a claim against this company for harassment, without the burden of huge legal fees?

    Or, should I be simply accepting their offer of 」100?

    If you壇 like clarification on anything above, please do ask.

    Thanks for any help received in advance.
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