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To incite breach of bail

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  • To incite breach of bail

    After a family fight my neice Jenny ( not her name ) pleaded guilty to assaulting her older sister Annie.( not her name) . Jenny is currently on bail.

    Jenny is on bail and is behaving herself. But the sister Annie has accused Jenny of breaching bail twice. Jenny was arrested twice and charged she pleaded not guilty. I know that the sister Annie is doing this to be vengeful.

    The Police have been ridiculous and took weeks to investigate AND charge Jenny of breaching her bail conditions. Six weeks for one incidened and 10 weeks for the second. They have little interest or cannot help me settle this on going fight from a family perspective.

    I have attempted to intervene as an older family member but have found that Annie will happily lie to the police backed up by witnesses..all family members. So dare not stir her anger even more. It's a small community we live in unfortunately.
    Can the sister Annie be charged with anything. Surely "going after" her sister Jenny to cause/incite her to breach bail conditions is a crime in itself?

    I doubt I would encourage Annie to be charged but really want to educate myself.


    Fed up Uncle !
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    Sounds like Jenny needs to take a big step back and not bite when her sister tries to antagonise her. ( easier said that done )

    Is Annie going to Jenny to wind her up or is she doing it at a distance to get Jenny to go to her ?

    Is Jenny actually breaching her bail conditions ( even if Annie goaded her into doing it) ? Or is Annie ( and her 'witnesses' ) lying ?


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      Annie is the one seeking out her sister. She then lied to the Police about the incident. She basically drove up and down the main street when Jenny left work. When the cars stopped side by side at the lights ( one car facing north one car facing South) Annie put down her window and swore at Jenny. Jenny did not react and called me straight away. Only Annie had a witness ....another family member.
      Unfortunately I know Annie is able to lie quite easily.

      I personally went straight away to the police station with Jenny. We wanted to record the incident from Jenny's point of view and to ask for breach of bail advice. This visit was never dealt from our point of view and took 10 weeks for the Police to arrest Jenny. Jenny pleaded not guilty.
      The other incident happened when Annie got a job in Costa Coffee beside Jenny's work. Jenny has been using Costa for years and is 10 miles away from where Annie used to work. Jenny walked in to Costa as she has done for years. Annie did not serve her but was around. Jenny made no eye contact or communicate in any way when she realised Annie was there. She paid and left. Annie did not let anyone know she had a new job " beside " her sisters work place. Which would have been helpful.
      Jenny pleaded not guilty and when it went to court she was accused of "communicating" with Jenny. The witness Jenny used did not arrive in court and was not even at the counter in Costa that day. I asked the Costa manager what he thought had happened he said the witness "Just went along with it ".
      From my point of view Annie has worked out to accuse her sister Jenny of breach of bail she can do this so easily.
      Jenny now has a dash cam and tries not to be alone.

      We have 3 more months of bail to endure. I am supporting Jenny. As much as possible ( making sure she is not alone etc) but I feel helpless that Annie can manipulate the situation to her advantage and obviously when the police fail to follow up on our point of view I feel even more helpless.

      We do not live in a big city and although I have no evidence I truly believe Jenny is being sought after to punish her. I feel let down by the police and my own family. I do not want Jenny arrested for breach of bail again. We want this to end.


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        pleaded guilty to assaulting her older sister Annie.(.
        When is the sentencing (or do you mean she plead guilty and received a community order) ?


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          The sentencing is December .. It was put back because of the failure of the witness to attend court. Jenny pleaded guilty in April ! ....and obviously is still on bail. Both breaches of bail happened in March.


          • #6
            The sentencing doesn't surprise me, cases are taking minths to get through at the moment but 8 months for a sentencing hearing is a long time even by these standards (presumably crown court?).

            Breach of bail isn't an offence, what it can get though is additional bail conditions or bail being revoked. By pleading guilty and thus being convicted there is no prima facie right to bail.


            • #7
              If I turn this around and look at Annie's role in this
              ..Jenny pleaded guilty to the initial assault in April. Jenny is on bail....but Annie actively goes after her to get her arrested by making sure she lies to the police about incidents. Jenny is arrested by Annie's lies and is charged for breaching bail.
              is Annie herself breaking the law by " inciting " breach of bail to get Jenny arrested. ??


              • #8
                There is no offence of inciting someone to breach bail.

                Making malicious accusations may be committing an offence however (perverting the course of justice) .


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