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"Microsoft" Scam Calls are back!

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  • "Microsoft" Scam Calls are back!

    Just a reminder that the "I am calling from Microsoft" scam is back again. We took one of these calls on Friday and could clearly hear a call centre in full swing in the background.

    The script is the same as we have heard previously: "your computer is sending out junk mail due to a virus" followed by very convincing and even intimidatory attempts to persuade you to let them remote control your PC. Once in they either trawl for private details for identity theft or install key loggers to capture passwords for sensitive accounts.

    We kept them talking for half an hour or so and then lost the call whilst waiting to be put through to a supervisor. Sadly that will only have saved someone else for a short time.

    If you get the call capture any details they are prepared to give you and take as long as you possibly can before they hang up in disgust. Small victories must add up!

    Obviously on no account let them in...
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    Re: "Microsoft" Scam Calls are back!

    They don't really stop, they just try different areas and countries.

    I don't think you will manage to get any details off them! That call centre noise is probably just a recording of a call centre. They have pretended to be in London on one of the calls I received but when I asked for a description of what was outside they came unstuck (Google maps are wonderful). The telephone numbers can appear to be anywhere in the country, or the world, but it is a virtual phone number, the connection is via Voice over IP.

    If you know anyone who has got scammed by them get the victim to claim back any charges from their bank.


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      Re: "Microsoft" Scam Calls are back!

      I've posted this info before on a couple of threads....we were getting so many even though we were registered with the telephone preference service...I contacted BT and they explained how these people were doing it ................they were calling using unregistered telephone numbers..... .so that when you tried to call them back ...you got the message saying that the number was not recognised.

      BT told me about their latest phone called the Call Guardian............. It gaurantees to block every unwanted call ..it cost 34...............it carrries a full gaurantee that if it doesn't they will give you a full refund on the phone
      We sent for one......... and no longer get anymore unwanted calls ....check it out .....................its called BT's Advanced Call Blocker. Model BT 8500.


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        Re: "Microsoft" Scam Calls are back!

        My understanding is that this blocks calls with number withheld and those on the block list. Is that your experience? (sorry for the late response...must have missed your reply).


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