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Internet breaks

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  • Internet breaks

    We have our broadband via Utility Warehouse but often and usually around midnight it fails for several hours. Our computer technician says that the fault is with the broadband supplier but they will not accept it. Any comments? The phone on the same line is perfectly OK.
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    Re: Internet breaks

    If your supplier uses fibre optic cable to supply your house, then the two systems (phone/internet) are independent of each other.
    You can check the speed of your internet by clicking on the link http://www.speedtest.net/ and just follow the instructions.
    If you have a printer, then you can print the page when the test is completed.
    If your internet connection has gone, also print the screen to show this.
    I would be inclined to think that either your broadband supplier, or your phone supplier if it is BT, are at fault.
    What do you use for TV?
    Sky? Virgin Media? or BT?
    It would help if you could tell us this.
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      Re: Internet breaks

      Some suppliers ration usage and restrict bandwidth during the night, even though they are not supposed to. It's why they appear to be cheaper.


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        This is a 6 year old thread


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          So why not start your own thread.

          So what's this about too many calls. How does that have any bearing on your broadband. Exactly what is your problem? You've said that you have a good internet.


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            So if things are disconnecting from the power then you should be investigating that. If power goes then wifi goes.


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              So look at the status of the modem/router to see if it is actually connected. There should be be a log in the modem that will show you disconnections and reconnections. Look at the modem/router through a web browser, the details are usually on the base. Connection is is the form or 192.168.1. 254, sometimes starting with 10. The address you put in the address line in the browser. Sign in userid and password on the base or reverse of the router.


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