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Western Union spam; Super Bowl SEO

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  • Western Union spam; Super Bowl SEO

    A couple of items of note:

    Western Union spam with Trojan

    Sunbelt Software reports that it has seen a fair number of spams with a Trojan payload. The goal is to make you think there’s a money transfer notification from Western Union.

    For people that don’t get transfers from Western Union this is just another lame spam. But for those folks that get Western Union transfers this email could do some damage.

    Sunbelt reports the payload of these emails is Trojan.Perfloger. After the Trojan gets executed the victim sees a text file that looks fairly legit.

    The Super Bowl of malware

    The Super Bowl malware fun has begun. Leading up to Sunday’s big game between the Pats and Giants the SEO results are going to be rigged to point
    you to malware.

    It’s a common refrain. Whenever there’s a big event that’ll result in searches you get SEO gamers.

    Trend Micro pointed out that the SEO manipulation began a week ago. Look for more attempts as we get closer to the game.

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    This Western Union spam was very popular back in the day and not one but more friends of mine had to suffer from it.


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      People are too naive sometimes and that's how villains make money easily. There were many more similar manipulations after and not a few people have fallen into the trap. It's a pity that such things happen. Some people work hard for their money, but some just fool others. I have my own business and I work with blazemedia.co.uk to promote it, this way I gather more clients. Regarding the Super Bowl malware, I was warned to never type “free Super Bowl” into any of my search engines because the links there might be loaded with malware and spyware, so consider that.
      Last edited by AveryJ; 30th July 2020, 14:02:PM.


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        Originally posted by RonPickering

        Sure, but who won? The Pats or Giants?
        The Giants defeated the Patriots by the score of 17–14


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          When did the Giants win? Where I was... I want to see it. Guys this post is made to attract your attention to something, in this mode works for all the SEO companies. These companies are a great help for our own companies because they help us to increase our ranks on google, Facebook, or Instagram or increase the potential visitors on our sites. I work with https://www.figmentagency.com/seo-agency-london/ for a long time, they helped my sites to be on the top and I suggest them with confidence.
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