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Text message from 07781470659

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  • Text message from 07781470659

    This is a telephone number used for security (e.g. 2 step authentication), and other general alerts. These are the websites / companies that I know use it:

    Google.co.uk / Google.com (including Gmail and Google Calender)
    Ebay.co.uk/ Ebay.com
    Microsoft.com (including XBox)

    These sites have been reported more than once, so I believe they are true.

    It is not a scam it is genuine, however, if you have received a "verification PIN number" for an account you have not requested it to be sent from, check your account immediately and change your password. It is quite possible that your account has been compromised.

    Another thing to check is if your partner, children, or anyone else that may have access to an account, they may have forgotten a password or be trying to change some account details.

    A recent example of this is where the children were trying to access XBox live, the email account linked to it had recently had a password change and the details stored on the XBox had not been updated. The email provider then sent a PIN verification code to our phone, we instantly changed our passwords on the account and after further "interrogation" of the kids found the XBox live attempt as the culprit.

    If anyone else has had a text from this number and the website/company is not listed above please let me know so it can be added to the "safe list".
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    This mobile number is still proving to belong to a scammer, it has trying to scam my Ebay account and tries using this number to intercept the 2 step verification code via my mobile number.


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      Does anyone know how to combat these scammers?


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        This thread is from 2014 so it is likely the numbers have changed by now - 5 years later... If you receive any verification codes when you haven't just clicked to receive one then it is likely someone has entered the wrong number - just delete it. If you're logging into a site and it asks to send you a verification code and you agree, then the text from this ( or another ) number arrives, then it's exceedingly likely the verification code you just asked for.
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          Hi, thanks for that but as an Ebay business seller and having my account compromised twice over the last 6 weeks by the same scammers, who in a matter of hours sold nearly £11,000 of gaming items on my Ebay account, I believe this number is now again active, they are sending a least 6 messages per day to my mobile messaging system they seem to be piggy backing on my mobile messages trying to have the 2 step security codes.......I have no idea how they do this and my mobile provider has been no help whatsoever and can do nothing or explain why this is able to happen.

          Thanks again Amethyst for taking an interest in my plight, much appreciated.


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