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car accident compensation.

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  • car accident compensation.

    I had an accident in April 2017 and I have recently been diagnosed with a pain condition, which affects my mood, memory and everyday life, I rely on my family to help me keep on top of thing, bathe me and cook. I am struggling to adjust to the fact that I will be disabled for the rest of my life and my self esteem has plummeted and I have ballooned in size, nothing fits me really and I have no funds to replace clothing, because I am having a battle with the government agencies with my claim for PIP and UC.

    Now I know my claim is going to go through the multi track system altough I have to get a report drawn up by the appointed medical professional because I was diagnosed by the NHS (my previous solictors was bad, did not follow my instructions or listened to me regarding my continous pain, just a shark that wanted to make money at my expense, well my legal expenses insurance, expense).

    No I wanted to ask a few questions, so I am hoping if you guys & gals could help me.

    Firstly now I am registered disabled and I have been off work since early June last year, they are constantly contacting me and essessially cause me stress, which inturn cause my symptom to intensify. They have pretty much told me that they will be looking at terminating my contract, which I don't know the legality of because I also have depression with my pain syndrome. I have a meeting next week to discuss my absence from work. The job I am currently doin in the organisation will have adverse affects on my health, if they only offer me a position with a different campaign (call centre), that could not be a reasonable adjust because it will have the same detrimental affects on my health.

    Is it reasonable to ask them to find a completely different role within their organisation that does not involve call handling?

    What if they are unable to provide me with an alternative role, are they allowed to terminate my contract, would this be discriminatory?

    I also wanted to know if the medical expert views were that my pain condition and depression was caused by the accident (I had no pre-existing conditions), I know that I have until April 2020 to issue court proceedings, I want to get a better picture of how long it usually takes for a case to get through the multi track system?

    Lastly, I was in the planning stages of starting my own business and infact I hoped to be fully operational by September 2018, however I am unable to pursue this line of business due to my ill health, would it be ok, if I informed my solicitor of this so he can seek damages based on my plans to start my own business. Is this something that you have every seen before?

    Thanks for reading, hopefully I can get a clearer picture.
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    unfortunately this type claim can go on for years before settled usually via court, makes me think limitation of losses exercise bu companies, know we went thru it with a brother and took 6 years, still did him no good as eventually the final outcome he passed away due to part injuries within the court case


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