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Personal injury claim

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  • Personal injury claim

    Is the some1 who could advise me on an ongoing claim I have please
    thanks gaz
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    You'll need to post the details and then someone should be able to advise.


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      Ok long story short had accident at work Feb 2016 and work admitted liability and saw a expert witness 8 weeks ago and he says my sciatica is not really associated with my back injury and solicitor is saying I will be lucky to get 5k although I've been off sick for 12months and gp says I can't return to that job.
      Thanks Gary


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        I have tried to keep it short as it's so long winded.


        • #5
          Did the sciatica begin after the accident? Was the expert witness a 'medico legal expert' (a doctor that specialises in medical reports for legal claims)?


          • #6
            Yes it did and yes I think he is


            • #7
              Although not 100% sure he is....he was provided through premex


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                Are the medico the same as premex ANOTHERLEVEL


                • #9
                  Is there a reason why he didn't think the sciatica is connected if it started after the injury? Have you ever seen your GP about sciatica prior to the accident?

                  Who diagnosed you with sciatica?


                  • #10
                    No just lower back muscular pain but there is an entry in my records in 2015 for slipped disc but I never had an MRI scan till 2017 as I was under the impression it can't be 100% diagnosed without s scan


                    • #11
                      What was your back injury? How did you do it? Who diagnosed the sciatica?


                      • #12
                        The back injury happened at work and I went to go and private physio as I could not afford time of work and over the period between Feb 16 till sept 17 I was in pain but it was managed with codine, back support, physio visits/exercise and holiday used as sick days and the last episode I had I was off sick again but I had s coughing fit and that's when it felt like I had been stabbed in the right buttock.... so I saw a chiropractor and he said to push for a MRI and I had 1 on oct 11 2017


                        • #13
                          And whoever reviewed the MRI scan, did they say that the sciatica wasn't connected to injury? Did you seek medical advice after the injury? Did you go to A&E?

                          It's probably easier if you just give your full account, even if it's long, of what happened rather than me keep asking questions.


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                            Hi A L sorry I've only just saw this I will have to write it out tomorrow on my laptop as I've had my amitriptyline and that makes me drowsy so I'll probably be asleep before I finish and it will be a lot of nonsense but I will do it


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                              Hi A L. So in 2016 I had a lifting accident at work and it could have and should have been avoided by using a forklift truck ( a pallet of 25ltr drums of paint) so on my second drum of paint as I lifted and twisted I had a sharp stabbing pain in my spine not muscular. all this was entered into the accident book and had to have a week off work and trips to private physio. so from Feb 2016 through to sep 17 I had used up all my holidays as sick days, spent quite a lot of time using painkillers, visits to physio, wore a back support and done exercises to relieve pain.now in 2017 sep I was off with my back and I had a coughing fit and that's when I had stabbing pain in my right buttock(sciatica) so off I go to GP and they prescribe codeine then went to physio but this time they can't resolve it after 2 sessions. I then went to see a chiropractor who took 1 look at me and said you look like you have slipped a disc and because the pain was in my right ankle he said it was severe and refused to do any major work until I had an MRI which I had on Oct 22 17. so I call the law firm I'm using and they start a claim with my employer who admits liability immediately. so I get an appointment with "expert witness" and yes he may be but it was so hard to keep him awake in the half hour I was there it was unreal... so now I have the report back and he concludes that because of the 19 month time frame between accident and diagnosis of herniated disc AND bulging disc above there is no association and yes if I had of been pain free for that 19 months I would totally agree but I wasn't and I explained all this to him....Is that ok?


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