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Personal Injury - Gym whilst under PT supervision

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    Hi once again thank you for you concise responses I really do value your opinions here. My concern is that my solicitor seems to be less than keen to expedite matters as I donít understand why they didnít approach both insurers at the same time rather than in sequence. I am concerned that they are just not really concerned with following this case through

    re evidence again I am not sure how this works so if I explain in summary maybe you could shed some light in the likely hood of this being followed up

    1 I employed (cash in hand) a PT to help me in the gym
    2 I advised of existing injuries he did not ask or record these
    3 exercises he supervised and got me to complete are retrospectively unwise for someone like me with knee and back issues
    4 the PT did not carry out a PARQ
    5 if he had carried out a PARQ he should have asked for medical advise before continuing any training with me
    6 I had previously broken my right knee am due annop on my left knee for torn cartilidge and have lower back disc degeneration
    7 exercise that caused damage was a hack squat
    8 after the incident the PT advised he would log in the accident book but didnt
    9 despite repeated attempts by me the club failed to log the accident
    10 as a result the club failed to lock down any supporting cctv footage
    11 the following day after the accident the PT text me to ask me how my back was showing he clearly knew I had a problem and later asked for medical reports !
    12 some weeks later when I wrote to him asking for a refund based on the increased weight he applied during this exercise which caused the damage to my back he provided a refund and did not deny that he caused this
    13 screen shots of me attempting to log my injury via the clubs 'contact us' webpage are then denied as being received by the club despite an acknowledgement screen confirming this was received
    14 since raising my complaint the club have cancelled my membership
    15 the club manager filled in an injury log form much later worded in such a way as to deny as responsibility from either the club or PT which I refused to sign
    16 the club have since equally been warned by the ICO of a failure to control the use of my data under GDPR regulations

    not sure if that is everything but that is the bulk of it that I can remember to date

    i hope this helps
    Last edited by NOCAB; 15th June 2019, 17:09:PM.


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      I think the evidence of your medical statements will play an important part in your personal injury claim.


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