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Rejecting a car on hp

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  • Rejecting a car on hp


    im looking for advice from people who have been through similar situations to us.

    we purchased a car on hp in August, within a week the car engine light came on, we have taken it back 5 times, each time they have said they have fixed it, yet within a few days of driving the engine light has come back on.
    We did a bit of research and decided our 3 months warranty was coming to an end so we wanted to reject the car.

    ive notified the car garage and the finance company and we are just waiting to see what happens next.

    one thing we did ask about is how much money we should get back. The finance company have said they have a fair usage policy which is where they hold 1 months direct debit per 1000 miles that we have done. Yet the car garage have said we will have to pay 40p per mile which is 3 times more than the finance company have said.

    has anyone been in our situation? How long does it take to sort out? How much money did you loose out on?
    Did you give the car back to the garage of keep hold of it?

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    I had a similar situation, my vehicle kept having the engine light on, I'd take it to my dealership and they'd confirm nothings wrong, until it went for M.O.T which failed because the catalytic converter was faulty. Maybe you have the same problem I had? Idk but if no luck find our through M.O.T like I did.


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      So you took the car back to the dealer within the first 30 days , and subsequently four more times, to have a fault corrected and this they failed to do.

      The finance company and dealer can take their fair usage policies and place them where the sun don't shine.

      Fair usage charges only apply to vehicles which are rejected after 30 days past delivery date.
      As you highlighted a problem within that first thirty days and they failed to solve the problem you are entitled to a full refund.

      Study the Consumer Rights Act 2016 to know your statutory rights


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        I have exactly the same problem.¬*
        I paid a deposit to the dealer and the rest on finance.¬*
        The vehicle was faulty from the day of purchase , I asked the dealer to return it but they said they would fix it.¬*
        10 attempted repairs later and it still isnít fixed.¬*
        The finance company will return my payments but the dealer want to charge for usage.
        Car has done 5k , about 1500 of the miles trying to repair it , dealer still want to charge me £2000
        Is it true that I canít be charged a usage fee as the faults were reported within the 30 days ??
        Any info would be gratefully appreciated.¬*


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          Firstly you should start a new thread for your problem, as hijacking another's only complicates matters.
          So please repost on a new thread


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            My apologies , Iím new to this.¬*


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