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Debt Management Services - 2 year dispute - brick wall

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  • Debt Management Services - 2 year dispute - brick wall

    I would be grateful for any advice on a long winded voluntary termination.

    To summarise my case as succinctly as possible:

    Voluntarily terminated a 10 year old vehicle after paying 50% of finance back in 2017. Lender was specialist motor finance. No additional paperwork was signed, following the advice on this forum.

    The lender closed my credit file marking the case as settled with zero balance. I happened to screenshot my credit file at this time.

    In 2018 I was contacted by a debt recovery firm instructed on behalf of specialist motor finance to collect 400. I provided evidence to confirm that I had paid up, the credit file was closed. Supplied time stamped evidence of the vehicle condition etc etc. The firm advised they would liaise with specialist motor finance to confirm what the fees were for and to determine whether they were owed. I never received an update from this firm, no further chasers. No letters from specialist motor finance.

    At the end of 2018 I received a letter from Debt Management Services Limited to confirm that they had purchased the debt from Specialist Motor Finance Limited and that they wanted to collect the sum of 400.

    Similarly I supplied evidence, including my contract, vehicle condition, previous letters to specialist motor finance and the previous debt recovery firm.

    Debt Management Services Limited proceeded to register a default on my credit file for the 400 allegedly owed. I raised a complaint with their firm on the basis that for nearly two years no-one has confirmed what the fee was for, that I have evidence of the credit file being closed with zero balance. They refused to remove the default but agreed to speak with Specialist Motor Finance to clarify what the amount was for.

    Having received a final response I referred the matter to the Ombudsman Service which due to heavy delays has yet to get back to me.

    Not giving up I repeatedly spoke with Debt Management Services asking them to confirm the nature of the 400. To this date Specialist Motor Finance have not confirmed what the amount is for. On this basis Debt Management Services, as of July, finally agreed to remove the default from my credit file but that they reserved the right to chase me for the 400 once they had a response from Specialist Motor Finance.

    At today's date the default ha still not been removed from my credit file despite them confirming that it would be. Three times.

    I also argue that if they have purchased the debt from Specialist Motor Finance and I have supplied full evidence as to why I do not owe the money then they should be able to make a decision as to whether they feel they can pursue me for this sum. Instead they fall back on the excuse of wanting to hear from Specialit Motor FInance. Which to date have not supplied anything further to Debt Management Services despite them trying to obtain this information over 15 + requests.

    I would like this matter drawn to a conclusion and am therefore considering taking them to small claims court.

    I would be grateful for any input that someone might be able to provide or any alternate resolution.

    Kind Regards


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    R0b any help greatly appreciated.


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