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Another black horse VT question

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  • Another black horse VT question

    Hi, new to the forum just joined while googling about VT. My partner and I both have cars through black horse, hers is HP and mine is PCP. Sorry for the massive post!

    We haven't actually reached our 50% yet, we plan to pay up the remaining amount to reach the 50% rather than waiting. Not sure if that makes a difference?

    We called up about VT and they said yea no problem and they they will send the paperwork out to us. They said with mine being pcp the paperwork will come with a fair wear and tear guide (which it didn't) and hers would have no wear and tear as it's HP it just goes to auction and that's it. We have both received the exact same letter but obviously different details.

    I need to sign and send off paperwork, the key parts in it are

    "I wish to exercise my statutory right to terminate my agreement with you"

    "I agree to return the goods and understand I also owe you the sum of 1700 under the terms of the agreement"

    "I also understand that i may have an additional liability if i have not taken reasonable care of the goods and the resale price is adversely affected"

    The first 2 I agree with but the last part is throwing up a big red flag to me, especially as they haven't provided any details of reasonable care. I'd also like to add that my car is in pretty good condition, slight damage on the seat and door card but my partner's car had the dogs in it so the door cards are scratched up. We were sold star Guard by mercedes on the basis that any damage from the dogs would get repaired which turned out to be a lie hence why we never took much care of the inside.

    I think we'll get away with the damage on my car as it Is minor but not sure about hers. We only went ahead with it because we were told on the phone that her car Is not subject to any inspection as its HP. Only thing I can think of is calling back and asking them to confirm it and send something in writing.

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