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Court summons but no previous letters - Parkingeye

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  • Court summons but no previous letters - Parkingeye


    I've received a court summons dated late june 2018.

    States parking infringement car reg from March 2018, I am the registered keeper. Prior to receiving this summons, I've had no letters from Parkingeye.

    I read the forum posts and so far ive gone online and done an AOS. I see this happens alot whern people have moved and obviously cant defend the summons, so my question is now what to do next write to parkingeye informing them and ask for more details - or build my defence on the fact that I haven't received anything in writing, is this plausable?

    I have just moved to another property but have full access to my old address so i find the situation a little bizarre.

    In anticipation of your responses.


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    Yes, write to PE telling them that you have not received anything from them previously and you now want copies of all the documentation they intend to rely on in court as you, as the keeper, have no liability for the action of the driver at the time as you have not received any documentation from them. Give them 10 days. Check the address on the V5 for the car. You could ask them for agreement to extend the response time for the defence to be submitted.


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      Hi Ostell

      Thank you for your response.

      I'll keep the forum updated with the progress in due course.



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        Hi Ostell

        It's around the 10 day mark since I made my request to pe, and I have had no response, is it straight back to courts to put forward my actions as part of my defense?

        I sent the request letter recorded delivery.



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          So was the letter signed for? You should be able to see the signature online.


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            Can you post up the particulars of claim please

            Did you get a "letter before claim" or a "letter before action" from them?

            Looks like you have to write an embarrassed defence and get it in within the 33 days from date of issue.


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              Hi Ostell

              I Received courst summons 25th June up to that point ive had no correspondence.

              Wrote to PE 07th July requesting evidence/docs.

              Hi Just checked recorded mail and it has not been signed for - ive checked that ive sent it to the right address royal mail states:

              Tracking no. xxxxxxxxxxxGB

              Your item was posted at Post OfficeŽ branch, xxxxxx xxxxx Post Office xxxxxxxon 07-07-2018. More information will be available as it travels through our network.

              Did you get a "letter before claim" or a "letter before action" from them?
              I have not received any correspondence.

              i'm resending the letter today to see if it gets signed for tomorrow but time seems to be of the essence here!!



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                I must admit that the couple of times I've tried signe for it never worked. Better a free certificate of posting from the post office to show that it was sent. It is rumoured that if it has to be signed for the package will be refused as they know it will be bad new. With the Certificate it is assumed to have been delivered 2 working days later, unless they can show otherwise.

                Start writing your defence on the basis that the claim is embarrassing as there is insufficient detail about what it is about. Also report the refusal of PE to give more details.


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                  probably had it Royal Mail at times is useless after we pay for a service, send again, and complaints fall on deaf ears,, many a time a company writes back and refers to the so called no signature mail.


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                    Thanks, fellas

                    Yeah not in their interest to answer mail.

                    So to be clear I have 28 days from the 25th June to log my defense online (23rd July)?



                    • #11
                      33 days from the date of isse given on the claim form.


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                        Hi all

                        I received a copy from the courts informing me that Parkingeye wishes the case to be referred to the small claims mediation service.

                        I have also received form N180 that need completing & returning.

                        Shall I get in touch with PE and request the evidence again in the hope of sorting this out without going to mediation?

                        I'm assuming that is what will happen during mediation??



                        Received PE defence as initially requested, photographic evidence, signage map, etc etc

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