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Civil Enforcement Ltd (PCN)

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  • Civil Enforcement Ltd (PCN)


    My fiancé received a parking ticket whilst out shopping for a wedding dress for our big day on the 5th June, which she didn't end up purchasing but instead received a parking notice which received last Thursday lol.

    At the time of parking on a busy Saturday afternoon, the car park was surprisingly quiet with not many cars at all parked there which in hindsite should have been a warning sign. When she entered the car park she can't recollect seeing any signs until she actually got to the pay point. She only had enough change for one hour so attempted to pay by the app which wasn't working on three separate devices as her two sisters were also with her and all 3 phones having a strong signal.

    There was also telephone number on the machine as another pay option, however there was no answer and then the call was cut off. So the only option of paying as no one else had enough change was to pay for one hour only. Unfortunately she went over by 32 minutes despite trying her best to get back in time and now we have been hit with this charge.

    Please may I ask for someone to kindly advise as to what we can do as is it feels very unfair that we should be hit with this charge when efforts were made to comply and pay for the parking but were unable to due to limited options that actually worked.


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    Please see attachments of PCN
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      Can anyone please advise on this?



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        So you show that an attempt was made to pay put there was a failure of their app and they were not answering their phone. Your phone should have a record of all that.

        Have you complained to the shop?


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          Hi OSTELL thank you for your reply.

          The car park wasn't associated with any shops. It appeared to be private land that had been converted to a car park. Yes we have the phone records. The time from entering the car park and when she eventually managed to get a ticket with what money the machine would accept shows difference of 16 minutes. So she spent 16 minutes attempting to pay in different ways shown on their display board with no luck. She also doesn't recollect seeing any signs when entering the car.




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            Is there a template letter that I can use and also giudance on what regulations they may not of followed, such as notice to keeper etc.



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              The PCN complies with POFA.

              Your appeal must be that their own equipment failed and therefore a contract could not be created


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                Ok great, thank you for your help. Very much appreciated.


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                  Sadly despite explaining as to why the parking payment could not be completed or even extended due to their equipment failing, I have now received this letter below.

                  Please may I ask if anyone be able to offer some advice as to how I can appeal this fine is feels deeply unfair that we should be hit with this fine despite making all attempts at the time to pay the correct amount or even top up accordingly.

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