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Cpm fine

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  • Cpm fine

    Hi I am after some advice please as getting mixed messages currently. I have received this parking charge as you can see from CPM. I have a few issues with this.
    1- you cant even make the vehicle out in the picture only the number plate.
    2- you by no means can identify the driver.
    3- It was 11pm in the dark and therefore I cant even guarantee there was any signage about parking. I would have to go back and check to see that it is adequately lit.
    I did not leave my car or even turn my lights off, I was picking my wife up from a private event in a boat yard.
    do I have to pay this? Will I get court issues and should I appeal or just ignore it?
    many thanks.
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    A picture of the PCN would help
    Redact identifying details but leave in all dates and times


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      Hope this works
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        That notice says something like "vehicle not registered" (partly obliterated in post) so it would be useful to see legible pictures of signage


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          Ok I will try and get photos of the signs. Thank you


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3998.jpeg
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ID:	1660993Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3999.jpeg
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3997.jpeg
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Size:	82.9 KB
ID:	1660996


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                IMO your only defence centres round the notices which state very boldly "AUTHORISED VEHICLES ONLY".

                That is a notice which forbids non-authorised vehicles from parking.

                When one parks on a private car park one contracts with the owner, but it is not possible to do what is forbidden!

                If you do not pay CPM will probably first release debt collectors (who can be ignored) and then issue a court claim alleging breach of contract.

                The other defence is similar, in that you entered the site at night time to pick up a person using the facilities.
                As it was dark and you had no reason to alight from your vehicle, you did not notice the unlit signs.
                As you had no intention to form a contract, there is no contract and thus no breach

                Re your questions:
                1) number plate is sufficient identity
                2) if the driver is not identified they can pursue the registered keeper if they comply with PoFA 2012 sch 4 (which they do so no defence there)
                3) unlit signs.. see above

                If you appeal to CPM, i would not expect them to accept it (accepting appeals does not make money!)
                You can follow that with an appeal to IAS, but they are notorious for not upholding appeals from motorists.

                After that CPM might initiate a court claim.
                The result there will be a bit of a lottery.


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