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UK Parking Control County Court Claim from 2016! Please Help...

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  • UK Parking Control County Court Claim from 2016! Please Help...

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate help on this. As a preamble my Dad whose now 81 is going in for a round of radiotherapy to treat prostate cancer starting tomorrow. I honestly don't really have the mental strength to deal with this fully.

    So today I got a letter through from the County Court Business Centre with a Claim Form. It's from UK Parking Control Limited (I will try and attach the letter to this post if it's possible).

    In short they are demanding 284.67 including court and legal fees for a contravention they claim happened in 2016!! What's worse is where this contravention apparently occurred has free parking for customers so I am being charged for an apparent PCN on a dubious basis.

    For my part I honestly don't remember ever getting a PCN nor do I recall ever hearing anything from these people until I got this claim form. I have, however, used that car park on numerous occasions so it's very possible that I was there during this time.

    They claim the car was parked in breach of the signs but I am not sure what they would be claiming - as the car park was free and still is to this day as far as I am aware.

    They also are claiming that I agreed to pay within 28 days but did not - this is something I certainly never did as I never even knew this PCN existed.

    To be honest, I am just shocked that an alleged PCN from 2016 is being sent to the county court now - I can't believe they took so long to take action. How can anyone keep any recollection of what happened that long ago esp with no notifications.

    My main fear is getting a CCJ - I have just about managed to stay above board with my credit rating but a CCJ would be devastating. Can you please advise me what I can do in this situation?

    Given my circumstances I am leaning towards simply paying them and asking them to discontinue the case - is this a possibility? I don't think I could stomach this being dragged on for ages longer. Then again, part of me wants to fight - esp given the blatant lies suggesting I said I would pay and never did not to mention the overall trumped up charges.

    What's your feeling? I would really appreciate your help please.

    Ps I've not received any additional information on Particulars of Claim from their legal team - but then I only got the claim form today.
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    The claims letter:
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