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ticket for 14 mins over. Disabled passenger.

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  • ticket for 14 mins over. Disabled passenger.

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Name:	Parking 11 11 small.jpg
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ID:	1554655 I was driving my disabled passenger to the range and B&M at Bury St. EQdmunds on 11th November.
    The Passenger who is also the registered keeper vehicle went shopping with a friend. Because of the crowds we were unable to a disability space. A blue badge was sgown throughout our stay and the vehicle is road tax exempt.

    We have received a parking charge notice for 100 reduced to sixty if paid quickly.

    I thought some grace was given, particularly as I had to assemble and disassemble her wheelchair and load it into the vehicle.

    is there anything to be done?
    We have approached the range but they say they can't help.

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      Blue badges mean didly squat in private parking.

      The Range never help, will one of the other shops?

      You could say that there is a grace period of a minimum of 10 minutes after parking define in the Code of Practise. The code, 16.2, also recognises that disabled people may take a longer time than normal to get to the payment machines. The time given in the notice is not parking time, it is the time passing the cameras and therefore the parking time would be several minutes less.

      You ask that the increase time for disabilities is taken into account. Here is a copy of the Blue Badge.


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        We tried B&M but you can't get them on the phone so I need to compose a letter.
        I had something like this in mind.
        Re parking charge 123456
        Car reg AB 123 XYZ
        Dear Sirs,
        I acknowledge the receipt of your parking charge notice No. 123456789 the contents of which have been noted.
        I wish to appeal the charge on the following grounds.
        The registered keeper is a registered blue badge holder badge No. XXXXXXXX and needs extra time to be assisted in to and out of the car and for the assembly and dismantling of the Wheelchair.
        The photographs show only entry and exit, not the parking time. The contract is for parking. There was a delay on arrival as there were no vacant parking places, a further delay occurred when attempting to leave the car park.

        In view of these facts and in line with making reasonable adjustments for disabled people I ask that you Quash the ticket.
        If you are unable to do this please provide a POPLA code

        Yours Faithfully

        Registered Keeper


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          Give the reference number to allowance for disabled in their Code of Practise.

          State that the blue badge was displayed.


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            Thank you I will do that today.


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              Appeal sent, now we wait.


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                I have had a response from UK PC today which says "To assist us in making our decision regarding your appeal please confirm the full name and address of the driver to our appeals department within 7 days." Then later it says "Failure to provide this information will give us no alternative other than to make our final decision based on the information already received .
                is this a fishing expedition, or are they thinking about whether the discrimination act applies .


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                  Fishing to get the drivers details.


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                    Why do they need the driver's details? I was going to respond with something along the lines. The keeper can confirm that she and her carer we present at plac


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                      I have a response from UKPC rejecting the appeal. "We have investigated your appeal based on the information you have submitted and confirm that this parking charge was correctly issued because there are sufficient signs advising drivers that a maximum stay of three hours applies." Should i take this to POPLA or just pay?


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                        can someone post me the link to the ruling that waiting to park does not constitute parking as I need it for the POPLA appeal.


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                          you might find what you are looking for here : Parking Prankster: Waiting for a space is not Parking. ParkingEye lose in court. Beware of snakes at Fistral Beach (parking-prankster.blogspot.com) ;


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                            Thanks , how do i word a POPLA appeal please do i just copy the original wording or what?


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