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PCN on hire vehicle

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  • PCN on hire vehicle

    Hi Apologies if this has already been dealt with elsewhere and please feel free to redirect me accordingly.

    Whilst on holiday in June I had a hire vehicle from Enterprise Car Hire. I parked in a car park run by Enterprise Parking Solutions and after we had returned home I was contacted by Enterprise Car Hire that they had received a PCN against the vehicle I had hired. They informed me that they had passed my details on as the driver and that I should receive the reissued PCN in the post. I never received the PCN nor any further contact from Enterprise Car Hire and duly forgot about the matter over the coming months. 3rd week in October I received a phone call from ZZPS demanding I pay 182 over the phone. I refused stating that this is the first communication I had received. Before any suggestions of any payments I first expected to receive a ticket which I could or could not pay or appeal etc. The chap stated that numerous letters had been sent and ignored. This was completely untrue and when I told him that this was the case he even reeled off the correct address so I was even more concerned that I was being scammed somehow. I told him to send me the ticket AGAIN and I would be looking for it. on the 31st October I received a letter from QDR solicitors Instructed by ZZPS limited with an outstanding balance of 182!!!! which read:

    Our Ref ************
    Client Ref ***************
    Car Parking Operator: Enterprise Parking Solutions LTD
    Instructed by: ZZPS Limited
    Outstanding Balance:

    We write in reference to the above account, the contents of which have been duly noted.
    Please see below the photographic evidence in relation to the parking charge notice requested.
    Should you require any further information or if you wish to discuss this matter further contact us on 01926758736

    page 2 had 2 photos of the hire vehicle with a timestamp.

    I never park without a ticket unless there is a good and valid reason and my only guess in this instance is that I may have forgotten I was in a hire vehicle and used my own reg without thinking or I've made a genuine mistake. Either way if no resolution could be had then I would opt to pay the early payment usually offered if you pay within 14 days and have settled the matter. To now be faced with 182 in such suspicious circumstance I'm seeking advice as to where I currently stand as I feel as if im being ripped off with no option to appeal.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
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      Yes edit the post so that the identity of the driver cannot be inferred. You are the hirer, the hire company were not there and can't say anything else. Use "the driver ...." etc.

      To be able to hold you liable as the hirer/keeper they have to send you your very own PCN, with your name on it, together with copies of the hire documents and the original PCN.

      First response is to ZZPS denying the debt as you have not received any communication from their client. They must refer back to their client. Any further communication, either by phone or letter is harassment.

      Hopefully the driver at the time has not been identified,


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