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Parking Eye charge notice

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  • Parking Eye charge notice


    Need some help please.
    My son joined a gym which offer free 2 hours parking for members,On his first day he took my car and was suppose to enter the reg on the terminal which he didn't, there must have been signs but he was unmindful.Now i have received a letter from parking eye to pay a charge of 100 or 60 discounted.
    The gym have said they cannot do anything and we should take it up with parking eye but so far what i have read is parking eye will reject the appeal.

    can anyone advise please.
    Thank you
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    So if there is a terminal in the Gym then there must be some sort of contract between the gym and PE. That sort of response is normally "we can't be arsed to handle it". Pick a person higher up the chain. Complaints on facebook pages and 1 * ratings sometimes have an effect.

    What do the signs say, are they illuminated at night and visible, what are the signs inside the gym?

    You could proved details of your son to PE and they will transfer their attention to him. He won't make the mistake again.


    • #3
      I need to find about what the signs,he is going to take pictures, inside there is a terminal with a sign saying register your number plate,he noticed that the second time he went, i was contemplating on the idea of letting him pay lol. but its too much for a small mistake.


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        Are the interior signs obviously visible, it would look not.


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          I talked to gym and asked why they couldn't get the charge canceled their reply was they do not have a contract with parking eye therefore can't help, but they did say they will send me an appeal form which I should send to parking eye.

          dont make sense to me but I'll wait for the form and post it here.


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            If they don't have a contract then what is that terminal doing inside the gym?


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              Hmm interesting question.


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                Probably if no help other than for interest but this is on puregyms website

                Click image for larger version

Name:	99DBDAF4-0441-4359-9C83-1180D9298CAB.png
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Size:	369.8 KB
ID:	1444066

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                  This has been covered on another site and the entrance signs to the car park state "private Car park Authorised users only", a forbidding sign. Waiting to see what the internal signs say.


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                    These are the signs at the entrance and inside as you make your way to the underground car Park. Couldn't go any further becsuse I'm not a member and didn't want to end up with another charge.
                    so my son will be going today and I havev asked him to take pics inside.


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                      So far I haven't seen anything that can possible create a contract with the driver, they are all forbidding.


                      • #12
                        These are the signs inside,


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                          Originally posted by ostell View Post
                          So far I haven't seen anything that can possible create a contract with the driver, they are all forbidding.
                          Hi Ostell

                          did you see the inside sighs I posted ?


                          • #14
                            Yes, either forbidding or no contract offered


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                              Originally posted by ostell View Post
                              Yes, either forbidding or no contract offered
                              Hello Ostell

                              All I'm getting from the other site is to get it cancelled from the gym, I have tried and still am but I'm wondering how come nobody has mentioned anything about the appeal.
                              4 years ago I had a pnk in Matalan car park and when I posted for help here I was told what to write on the popla appeal and it worked.
                              so this time maybe not the case?

                              what do you think if it goes to popla what are my chances to win ?



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