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Possible illegal sale of car to a traveller.

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  • Possible illegal sale of car to a traveller.


    Last Friday, I sold my car to a private individual who came and gave me 300, cash. He had an Irish accent, so I assumed he might be a traveller.

    He said he was going to scrap the car for parts and because I was trying to deal with tradesmen in the house, in the heat of the moment I took the cash, and he said he would do a certificate of destruction, and it would show online on Monday. I gave him the V5 without getting his details, and he took it away.

    I became panicky, realizing that I could not tell DVLA online because I didn't have the V5 document reference number, so I ordered a new one which arrived today, but I still have the same issue that I don't have his details. Furthermore, I also wrote to the DVLA explaining the situation but have not had a reply yet.

    I messaged him to contact me so that we can sort it out properly, and so far he has not replied.

    Additionally, I can't transfer ownership to him because I don't have his details, and I can't declare it as scrapped because I don't have a certificate of destruction. It's illegal to sell a car for cash for destruction by way of receiving cash. It has to be by cheque or bank transfer.

    I'm in a real mess and don't know what to do. Please help.
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    ostell des8 Can you please take a look and advise, many thanks.


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      so you do not have a name and address for this person? Did you not fill out a sale document of any kind (official or personal)


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        No Sale document.

        As I said, I was dealing with utility engineers which required my attention. The buyer of the car turned up and because I was stressed with them, I completely took the buyer's word that he would do a certificate of destruction. It's only tonight that I became aware that I should have that in my hand, and should have sold it by cheque or bank transfer, to make it legal in the eyes of the DVLA.


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          Suggest you read this link about certificates of destruction https://www.scrapcarcomparison.co.uk...f-destruction/

          All you have done is sell your vehicle ,"He said he was going to scrap the car for parts"
          As he was dismantling for parts you could be paid legally in cash

          If he does intend to pass it to an ATF they will get the COD when the vehicle has been destroyed and (possibly) give it to him as the last owner.
          I assume from your description that he is unlikely to be an ATF, but you never know!

          Where you have gone wrong is not get the buyers details and hand over the whole of the V5 form.


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            I know what situation I am in. I just need to know how to resolve it, please?

            Kind regards.


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              You can either forget about it, or write to DVLA explaining that you have disposed of the vehicle as a non runner for parts to a third party. Unfortunately, whilst you were distracted the unknown buyer drove off with the complete V5 form so you were unable to second the relevant portion to them.
              How they will react I couldn't say


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