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Clamed by DVLA at Asda

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  • Clamed by DVLA at Asda


    This morning at 10:30am I was clamped by DVLA with a huge windscreen sticker that screams UNTAXED VEHICLE. I embarrassingly forgot to pay my road tax as I was expecting a notice in the post which never came ( they claim that I've never changed my address tot he most current which is not true... but anyway). I totally understand that it was my responsibility to set a reminder or something like that. I paid the fine without any hustles whatsoever as I realised this was ultimately my fault. The fine included actually purchasing the road tax and a vehicle release fee of 100 pounds.

    Upon completion of my payment the lady informed me that the DVLA clamping section doesn't work past 10AM and won't be able to release my vehicle until Monday. Bearing in my they clamped me at 10:30...

    This has caused me a bunch of issues. Number 1 I commute on the weekends which isn't the end of the world however, what annoys me the most is that I was parked in a child parking spot with a clearly visible car seat for a young toddler and a his pregnant mother. My little boy has something called a viral induced wheeze which makes him have to visit the hospital every time it plays up when he gets a cold or cough (which he now has) as he can't get enough oxygen to his brain due to the condition. So this chap came to clamp me apparently 30 minutes after his working hours, didn't think that he is clamping a guy with a kid in the shop and on top of that, my car is now stuck in a private car park over a busy weekend surrounded by cars with kids in them in danger of getting scratched ( I am trying to sell the car and it's just had a 250 pounds detail done to it so I'm kinda nervous for it).

    I would have been happier if they just took the car with them as I'd know it'd be largely safe at a compound and my boy and his mum could have gone inside Asda cafe to eat something whilst we wait for an Uber.

    Am I being ridiculous here or is that a little bit out of order? I understand that I've messed up. I'm happy to pay the fine as I deserve it. I'd be happy to pay double the fee if they just came to release the car straight away. But instead I am now parked in a busy private asda car park, lots of people around, people were actually taking pictures of the car with my kid and his mother inside as I was inside the shop to see if I can speak to the parking people. The area I live in has this really bad habit of taking pictures of people parked like idiots or clamped and posting it on a 'rant' page where numerous occasions have been reported of people deliberately going to vandalise those vehicles because they think we are some kind of 'tax avoiding pric*s'. It's not the most sophisticated area I must say. And the huge 'UNTAXED VEHICLE' sticker on the windscreen kind of doesn't help that either. From my perspective, DVLA have caused provocation against my vehicle.

    I don't know. Maybe I'm just an entitled millennial but I really do think that if you are just about to finish work and you are clamping someone in a busy car park and that person is with kids and won't be able to release the car until Monday there are really better ways of going about the situation.

    What do you think? Am I talking out my ass?
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    Clamped in ASDA car Park or on the public road?

    I am not sure whether the ASDA car park can be deemed to be the public road, but if it is not, then I do not see how the DVLA can nevertheless be entitled to clamp.


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      I believe anywhere the public can drive into such as car parks are classed as public road, so I doubt that argument will help you. I doubt writing to them explaining everything you have said here will make any difference either. Not what you want to hear but I'd say to learn from the experience and make sure you
      tax the car on time next time to save


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