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Where do I stand

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  • Where do I stand

    My girlfriend gave me a car which needed a lot of work doing to it. Basically I replaced the front end. Anyway I have since broken up with her and she is now saying that she didnít give it to me.
    I have a text message on my phone from her stating that she has given me the car and that I should fix it and take it when I leave. I have the keys for the car in my possession. I believe that the logbook is still in her name? She did state that she was going to send it off to Dvla as soon as I provided her with an address. Unfortunately we have now split up on no so good terms and the car in question is blocked in on her driveway.
    Can anyone please advise me on where I stand leagaly?
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    Here is the text message regarding the car...
    If u want the car have the car. 1 i want it gone when you go, 2 in your own name for docouments so theres no come back on me. An addresse to send to the DVLA, again so theres no come back on me. As long as its your car in your name at a diffrent address and of my drive. Your need is greater u get ur way have it


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      For the record, I spent £400 on second hand parts and approx 14 hours repairing it. The car is now worth around £800 - £1000


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        Hi and welcome

        That text gives the impression that she has given you the car.
        The one caveat is the phrase "u get ur way have it".
        That might indicate undue pressure in the course of your discussions.

        If you are certain of your position can you not remove the blocks and just drive away.
        Registration of the car is not proof of ownership


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          Thanks for your reply in this matter. I can confirm that her meaning of Ďu get your way, have ití Relates to our conversation about me having the car or it was going to be scrapped. I said that I would take it and fix it.
          Could I ask one more question please? I am now going to call the police to ask them if they can be in attendance when I go to get the car. If the now ex girlfriend refuses to let me have the car what is my next move?
          thanks again for your time and advise.


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            Is this really a job for the Police ?
            If your ex won't give you possession of the car then you have the option to go to small claims for it.


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              thatís and happy Christmas to you..,


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                Based on what you have said it very much sounds like the car was gifted to you and is now legally yours. As stated a logbook is not proof of ownership, a receipt is however. In effect the text message could be your 'receipt' for the car.

                This is not a matter for the police, it is a civil matter and therefore you would need to go down the route of a small claims court if your ex gf wont let you have it.

                Even if it is deemed not a gift etc, you relied and acted on that representation made by your gf and have suffered a monetary. So worst case you should be able to recover the money spent via a small claims court.

                Hope this helps and merry Christmas.
                The information I supply is provided for informational purposes only and, should not be construed as legal advice.


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                  Originally posted by Vwgolfman View Post
                  thatís and happy Christmas to you..,
                  Merry Christmas to you also, hope it goes well for you.


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                    Originally posted by Vwgolfman View Post
                    Could I ask one more question please? I am now going to call the police to ask them if they can be in attendance when I go to get the car. If the now ex girlfriend refuses to let me have the car what is my next move?
                    thanks again for your time and advise.
                    The police should only be called if you anticipate a breach of the peace, ie you think this will kick off into a major row. They will then, quite probably, arrest one or both of you - more probably they will arrest you, not the householder. None of that will help you get the car.

                    Can you describe how the car is blocked. Do you mean the gate is padlocked, or the car is raised on blocks? If the gate is padlocked, you have a major problem if you cause damage to it.


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                      Thanks for your replyís. The car is blocked in by her car, and it can only be got if she goes out. I also have a text message saying itís my Xmas present from her.
                      I will keep this updated as an when I have more information
                      thanks again for your help
                      merry Christmas to you all


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                        You could call or text her and ask if it's OK to pick the car up sometime and if so when. You will then know if she's willing to let you have the car or not!


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