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DVLA Licence Revocation on Medical Grounds

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  • DVLA Licence Revocation on Medical Grounds

    Hi, I am looking for advice on the following:

    I had a car accident in January 2018 and suffered a Minor TBI. Hospital Report concluded no loss of consciousness, GCS Score of 4, CT Scan showed no brain lesions or bleeding and wasn't required to stay in hospital or return for any follow up treatment. The only thing I was suffering from was Concussion and Post Traumatic Amnesia i.e. I was unaware of the car Accident I had just been in hours before. A week later I visited the GP as I was unfit for work (still felt a bit dizzy) and he signed me off for a further week saying that I shouldn't drive while symptoms persisted and needed to notify the DVLA of the Head Injury in which I did. The week after that I had no further symptoms and had recalled all events of the accident and consulted with the GP to make sure I was fit to drive in which he said I was.

    7 Weeks later the DVLA have written back saying that my Licence has been revoked on Medical Grounds following the head injury. My entitlement to drive will be revoked from 1 March 2018 and we would only consider re-application after 6 months satisfactory to medical reports.

    I would appreciate any advice on the following:-
    Does this mean I will have to wait 6 months from March for re-application or from the date of the accident in January?
    I have read somewhere with a TBI, reapplication can be considered after 3 months has anyone had any experience of this or is it a fixed 6 months regardless?
    What Medical reports would I need, is a letter from my Doctor affirming my Fitness to drive enough or do they require more in-depth reports from consultants?
    As both my Doctor and I deem myself fit to drive would it be worth appealing this decision with the Magistrates Court as I do not have the funds to have legal representation so would representing myself? Or would there be a better route to appeal this decision with DVLA?

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    Hi can someone help me I have early on set dementia the consultant said Iím fit to drive I was discharged from the clinch 18 months ago and put under the care of my GP I was issued a 1year licence and its time to renew it but my doctor says heís not qualified to say whether Iím safe to drive I havenít seen my doctor about anything with dementia but on Saturday I got a letter from DVLA saying they have revoked my licence I can appeal again this but if my doctor says the same thing again what can I do please help


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      If your doctor is just saying he is not qualified to give an opinion on your driving ability then you will need to try and get an assessment elsewhere -
      . If your condition is mild ( and I'm assuming it is as you've been discharged from the clinic ) you should be able to drive -
      can you go back to your consultant who said you were fit to drive previously ? -- he/she would be in the best position to assess if your condition has worsened at all since then. Otherwise your Doctor can say that your condition has improved/not changed etc since being referred into his/her care which should mean the consultants previous opinion stands for a further year?

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        Hi I've just had my licence revoked this month due to double vision which is not in primary locHiHiation and the ophthalmologist have said I did not need to inform DVLA, however my neurologist told me I needed to and therefore have since had licence revoked. I had my licence before C1 was taken off standard licences and I drive C1 vehicles for work or should I say I did, can you advise if this is not added automatically after a licence revoke and can it be appealed ?


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