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Post-accident complications

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  • Post-accident complications

    Good evening Everyone,

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is a long, convuluted story, but I will try to get it to make as much sense as possible...

    At the end of October I swerved to avoid causing an accident on a dual carriage way, and got in the way of a bus. My car was a write-off, but the bus was able to carry on to it's destination, which was only 10 miles away. The impact knocked my glasses off, and once stopped the first glasses I found happened to be a pair of sunglasses that lost a lens during the accident. I was so discombobulated by the accident I didn't even realise they were my sunnies until I got home.

    The bus driver took pictures of my car and me. He gave me the Bus Company name, and the bus's number plate, but refused to give me his name as he said I didn't need it. I offered him my details, but he declined them, saying he had a photo of my number plate and didn't need them. I reported it the next day to my insurance company, and assumed that I would be found responsible, have to pay a higher premium, and move on.

    A week later I received a letter from the police 2 counties away saying that he had reported me (a week after the accident when the insurance companies were already talking to each other) for failing to provide my details after the accident, and that the accident happened 50 miles away from where it actually occurred.

    I spoke to the police officer, who advised me to return the form confirming my details, with a cover letter of my version of events as he felt he shouldn't have taken a photo without my permission. Stupidly I forgot to mention the sunglasses at this point.

    The police officer spoke to the bus driver who said that it may have happened where I said he "couldn't be sure where he was"! And that he had to take a photo of my as I was wearing an eye-patch which he felt could have caused the accident. Without asking me about this eye-patch the police officer reported me tot he DVLA for having a medical condition that could leave me unable to drive safely. I have now had to send back a medical investigations form to them, and I'm waiting to hear what happens now.

    My questions are:

    1) Does anyone know what sort of investigations the DVLA will need? Are they likely to be satisfied with the information I sent them?

    2) Was it correct police procedure to report me to the DVLA before talking to me? I don't know if I had the right to reply to this new accusation before the DVLA were involved.

    I feel so stupid. At the time of the accident I assumed that, as a professional driver, the bus driver knew what details needed to be exchanged. I also assumed that a professional driver would want it over and done with as simply as me. My insurance company accepted responsibility for the financial side of things a week and a half after the incident.

    Thank you for any advice you can give me.
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    Re: Post-accident complications

    Trust you are recovered from the accident now.
    Regarding your DVLA query, without knowing what you sent them, or what report the police gave DVLA, it is not possible to say if they will be satisfied.
    However if they have not immediately revoked your licence, you are probably ok, but they might require you to undergo an eye examination.

    And the police were quite correct in reporting to DVLA that you may have a vision defect, without first discussing it with you.It would not be an "accusation"!


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      Re: Post-accident complications

      Hi des8,

      Thanks for your reply, and for reading all that.

      I was very lucky, and no-one was injured during the accident.

      That's reassuring, thank you. I live in a rural community, and the thought of losing my driving privileges is worrisome. I sent them what looked like a standard medical questionnaire, and one that was specifically related to my eye-sight. In addition I sent them a cover letter explaining the situation, and have given them permission to talk to my insurance company regarding the incident, as I had mentioned the sunglasses to them when I first reported it to them.

      Thanks for your advice regarding the police too. I didn't mean that the police were accusing me, that the bus driver was. I understand they have to respond to information to keep the public safe, however I also feel that they should have corroborated this a little; especially as the bus driver has been mistaken in other things that he has said. It's probably because I'm stressed in the middle of this, but it feels as if the bus driver's word is being taken over mine for reasons unknown. It was never a police matter to start with.

      Thanks again, I appreciate you sharing your expertise.


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        Re: Post-accident complications

        For anyone wondering about asking the bus driver's name ask him for details of his PSV licence. I asked for that once and got no more strop from the bus driver who hit me (I was stationary).


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