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Parking Eye Court Claim

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  • Parking Eye Court Claim

    I have been reading the forums about Parking Eye and was hoping to get some advice regarding my situation.

    I parked at the Hospital Walk in Centrein April - to get there we had to enter via the hospital entrance and drove through very poorly signposted car parks to get there. The Walk in centre carpark had a pay and display machine which was not working and the sign said 'Patient parking 9-5pm' next to the hourly charges. There were no other machines in this carpark to refer to. We didn't really know what to do and there were no signs to say Parking eye was in operation. As we were there after 5pm and the ticket machine wasn't working I just kept a look out from the window. We were there 15 minutes and no ticket.

    I ignored the first letter from parking eye because I thought it was a hoax. I received one more warning before receiving the claim form.

    I went to take pictures of the site for my defense claim and they have removed the non functioning pay and display machine and resurfaced the car park and put new signs up. You can see the poorly paved over divet where the old machine was though. As I work in the trust I have spoken to the transport manager and he says that the car park has been refurbished. He cant cancel the claim now that it has gone to court - he says I can pay a without prejudice fee of £50 to cancel it - I don't really know what this means. He is currently trying to find out when the pay and display machine was removed. But he is insistent that parking eye has bee on the campus since October 2013 and all the other pay and display machines were removed.

    I have filed an AoS today as I only just realised you could do that (my claim date was 30th June) and will hopefully hear about the parking machines.

    Any advice would be extremely helpful.

    Many thanks

    PS as per other posts this is what my claim form reads:

    Claim for monies outstanding from the defendant, as registered keeper, in relation to a parking Charge, issued xxxx, for parking on private land in breach of the terms and conditions (the contract)
    Parking Eyes automated number plate recognition system, monitoring Morrisson's XXXXXXX, captured vehicle XXXX entering and leaving the car park, overstaying the max stay time. The signage, clearly displayed at the entrance to and throughout the car park,states that this is a private land, is managed by Parking Eye Ltd, and is a max stay site, along with other T & C's by which those who park on site agree to be bound. In accordance with the T &C's set out in the signage, the Parking Charge became payable. Notice under the Protection of Freedoms act 2012 has been given under Sch 4, making the keeper liable. This claim is in reference to Charge(s): xxxxxx
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    Re: Parking Eye Court Claim

    Head over to http://pepipoo.com/

    They are the experts and will guide you through.


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      Re: Parking Eye Court Claim

      The particulars of claims say Morrisons and you say walk in centre. I'm confused ??

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