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Government Proposes Ban on Use of CCTV and ANPR in Civil Parking Enforcement

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  • Government Proposes Ban on Use of CCTV and ANPR in Civil Parking Enforcement

    Parking and Enforcement industries are shocked today after the government threw a MASSIVE spanner in their works in the Deregulation Bill:

    The explanatory statement states as follows:

    "This new clause deals with the enforcement of parking contraventions in England under Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004. It provides that, subject to certain exceptions, regulations under section 78 must provide for notification of a penalty charge to be given by a notice affixed to the vehicle (which means that a civil enforcement officer must be present to affix the notice).

    It also confers a power which would enable regulations to be made to restrict the use of CCTV and other devices in parking enforcement"

    Here's the BPA's Announcement from yesterday:

    Government proposal to ban CCTV at odds with Minister’s endorsement

    19 June 2014

    The BPA is surprised at Government proposals to ban CCTV and ANPR use in Civil Parking Enforcement as part of anamendment to the Deregulation Bill. This is at complete odds with a speech made at Parkex (10th June) by Transport Minister Robert Goodwill.

    He stressed how essential it is for the public to have confidence that CCTV should be used to promote safety and tackle congestion and recognised there was a strong case to retain CCTV camera enforcement in four areas: around schools, in bus lanes, at bus stops, and on red-routes.

    Kelvin Reynolds, BPA Director of Policy and Public Affairs said ‘We are pleased with the Minister’s recognition that CCTV has its uses and agree that better regulation is needed. The British Parking Association, along with stakeholders including the Local Government Association; Freight Transport Association; Living Streets; Disabled Motoring UK; Parliamentary Advisory for Transport Safety and Guide Dogs for the Blind has made an offer to work with Government in an open letter, to better defineand codify the use of CCTV & ANPR cameras through Statutory and Operational Guidance.

    ‘The Government has sprung this amendment on everyone with little notice and without publishing either an analysis of the consultation responses or the Government view. The proposed approach is heavy handed by a Government which is seeking to deregulate.I ronically, it is using the Deregulation Bill to impose further regulation on local government’.

    The BPA believes Government must show a commitment to the exemptions identified by the Minister but must also understand that CCTV may be appropriate in other situations.

    We understand the desire for better regulation but the BPA will be working on behalf its members to ensure that the benefits of CCTV and other camera enforcement are not compromised or lost because of this hasty proposal"

    Let's hope this manages to get right through into the enacted legislation. Aldi might have their stubborness over the planning permission issue thrown back in their face afterall.
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    Re: Government Proposes Ban on Use of CCTV and ANPR in Civil Parking Enforcement

    "Subject to certain exceptions ..." ... which will be numerous, no doubt.

    "Power to make regulations ..." ... is not actually making regulations.


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      Re: Government Proposes Ban on Use of CCTV and ANPR in Civil Parking Enforcement

      Maybe just Maybe someone in Government has been advised by the Courts that Parking companies are overloading the Courts with CCJ claims against Motorists that it not only creating overload but also its costing more than the CCJ claim fees to deal with cases.


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        Re: Government Proposes Ban on Use of CCTV and ANPR in Civil Parking Enforcement

        These are the words of Milo on this subject which I find encouraging:

        "The 'lobbying' has already taken place and this was the purpose of the Consultation procedure a few months ago. We also submitted our response to the Consultation and concentrated mainly on the use ANPR (or rather misuse of ANPR) during bailiff enforcement.

        The BPA are clearly very shocked to hear of the amendment being included in the Deregulation Bill (which will be heard on Monday) and the reason for this, concerns the speech made at last weeks Parkex conference by the Transport Minister Robert Goodwill. I was actually at Parkex and heard the Minister discussing CCTV and I know that some in the audience 'read into the speech' that the government would very likely 'water down' any changes to CCTV use in regards to parking enforcement. They may well have been wrong!!

        Most people here on the forum would be unaware that almost all local authorities are members of the BPA and all bailiff companies are also members. In regards to private parking companies (such as Parking Eye) they are NOT allowed to access DVLA records unless they are BPA members."


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          Re: Government Proposes Ban on Use of CCTV and ANPR in Civil Parking Enforcement

          Hopefully ANPR will be banned also


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