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Parking Eye - Advice please?

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  • Parking Eye - Advice please?


    PCN Parking Eye - Pay/Ignore/Appeal?

    I'm a new member on LegalBeagles and unfortunately I have joined for some advice...

    I received a Parking Eye Parking Charge Notice (PCN) on 11.12.2013. The actual "date of event" was 06.12.2013.

    I'm the registered keeper and main driver - I have two named drivers on my policy.

    I was parking in a private carpark in Huddersfield on a Friday evening and arrived at 20 : 13 : 13 departing at 22 : 26 :12 (2hrs 12m). The carpark states that there is 2 hours free parking (I have yet to go back and check for adequate signs). I did not look at the signs/see them as it was dark and bad weather - we were visiting the Festival of Light event in the town centre. The annoying thing is that I would have been back in time if it wasn't for the overly busy streets and non-existant opportunities to cross the road!

    The amount "invoiced" is £85.00 (reduced to £50.00 if I pay by 25.12.2013).

    Basically, I'm not sure what course of action to take. I have read lots of forum posts and the general advice is to ignore, however there are a few cases which have been referred to court action and their website boasts "winning court cases". I've also seen that a lot of people appeal (and I note these are never accepted) although I don't really have grounds as I did enter the carpark and overstay my welcome where signs were available thus "entering into a contract". I don't want to be a fool and hand my money over to them for overstaying by 12 minutes. I feel the amount claimed isn't fair for 12 minutes to be quite honest. However I also work at a law firm and really don't think that a CCJ will help me further my career.

    Also for information, it arrived by post and I received no windscreen notifcation.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm a little worried!



    PS. Be nice, I'm new! :santa_wink:

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    Re: Parking Eye - Advice please?

    Whatever you do, don't ask your colleagues for advice

    Appeal 100%.

    Send an appeal to Parking Eye such as

    Dear Sirs,

    I, as registered keeper, wish to invoke your appeals procedure. The driver did not park for longer than allowed. In any event the charges are penal and not a genuine pre estimate of loss.

    In the event you refuse my appeal please send me a popla code. I am under no statutory obligation to name the driver and will not be doing so.

    Yours etc

    This will probably be refused but once you get the Popla code all is well. A Popla appeal such as http://www.legalbeagles.info/forums/...-Appeal-Letter will win.

    http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.php?p=59867667&postcount=2 show the winning points at Popla. Again i stress that mitigation is hopeless and irrelevant.



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