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Debt collectors

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  • Debt collectors

    Having a problem with CCSCollect.

    HMRC have seemingly passed my account on to them to recover money I dispute at present.

    Either way I took it that any debt collection agency buys the debt from whomever and you deal with them.

    I have sent them letters asking for contracts, proof I owe etc and now they send me back a letter which states..

    "Please be advised that the consumer credit act 1974 does not applied to debt owed to HMRC as it is a gvmt debt owed to a national purse?

    Im confuddled.

    They tell me to go to HMRC which I did on 26/10/13 and have yet to receive a reply.

    Do I still owe HMRC or CCSC?

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    Re: Debt collectors

    HMRC are doing this a great deal these days. Wild, speculative claims, that when challenged, are passed to doorstep thugs.

    Write to HMRC asking for their workings. If they won't reply, then raise a formal complaint. You could also submit a SAR (Subject Access Request) under the Data Protection Act 1998, asking specifically for that information.

    The apparent suggestion - "Please be advised etc" - that they are somehow not required to prove the validity of their claim is nonsense. If HMRC were really confident, they would take you to court, when they most certainly would be required to supply proof. You might even write to them daring them to do so.

    These people will lie without hesitation, so avoid emailing or telephoning them. Communicate only in writing, sending all important letters by Recorded Delivery.


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      Re: Debt collectors

      Thank you for the advice. I have already wrote to HMRC on 26-10-13 to appeal against their decision. I have still yet to receive a decision from them. This is the letter I sent them.....

      Dear Sirs

      This letter is an appeal against a decision.

      I am writing to you with regards the above account. I have received a letter from a company called CCSCollect saying that you have authorised them to recover an amount of money due to you, and apparently I am liable. It also states that I should have received notification of this under separate cover.

      I can inform you that I have not received any notification from yourselves and would like to obtain a copy of all original notifications that I have been told I should have received.

      I also do not understand how the debt in question has arisen. I know I claimed tax credits whilst I was in a position to do so, but as far as I was aware these ceased every time my circumstances changed.

      If anything I feel I have not claimed tax credits when I perhaps could/should of done, as I believe is the case at present. So perhaps you could so kind, as to send me a new claim pack along with any reply, allowing me to apply for tax credits at the moment please.

      I would however agree to pay you any financial obligation which I might lawfully owe on condition that you:

      1, Provide validation of the debt, that is, the actual accounting.
      2, Verify your claim against me, that is, a signed invoice.
      3, Show me a copy of the contract binding you and I.

      The nearest official forms will not suffice, and consequently is likely to be ignored by myself without any dishonour on my part.

      (I have a feeling I send it standard mail. Oops)

      I will write a new letter now to HMRC, as it has been over a month with only replies from the DCA, asking for their workings on my account.

      Do I continue to not acknowledge the debt to CCSC? And advise them of my contact with HMRC?

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        Re: Debt collectors

        Does anyone have a signed valid contract with the inland revenue ?

        one i presume signed by both parties dont think i ever had one?


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          Re: Debt collectors

          No I don't believe they do. I was hasty in my letter as I just wanted to slow them down whilst I learn what to say and do for my benefit. I am still learning more and more to the point I will represent myself soon. I just struggle as this shizzle doesn't come naturally to me in anyway what so ever.


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            Re: Debt collectors

            It doesnt come naturally to most of us when dealing with officialdom courts in partucular you have to speak their language or lose out,

            always best to moan politely and ask the questions, They will try to blind us with big words


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              Re: Debt collectors

              Have you spoken to or emailed your local MP yet? Once an MP becomes involved in a constituent's case, they can go straight to the Minister of State or Secretary of State concerned and by-pass the civil servants. Believe me, when a complaint from an MP lands on a civil servant's desk, that file takes priority over all else. It is not so easy to fob off MPs with any old crap.

              Get in touch with your MP.
              Life is a journey on which we all travel, sometimes together, but never alone.


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