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RAC failed rescue complaint.

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  • RAC failed rescue complaint.

    Good Morning.

    I hope someone can help me.

    Last Tuesday I was coming home from a support group meeting in the centre of my local town and I got 1 mile out of the centre, when my car broke down in a Tesco Express car park, in a very salubrious area.

    This was at 7:50pm in the evening. My car would start, but there was no power in it, so I used the RAC app to request rescue, to which I am a member. I received a reply giving me an ETA of 10:30pm. Ten minutes later, I received an update to say it would now be 9:30 to 10:30pm. I was getting very cold, and I needed to get home since I suffer with anxiety due to my Prostate cancer, When it got to 9:40 and no further update on ETA I called the RAC for an update, only to be told that there were delays in my area, and it would be 11:00pm. Nobody came at 11:00 pm, so I called again and was told due to the delay, they were sending a private company to rescue my car and me. At 11:30 came, and I called them again, only to be offered a next day rescue, They said they were going to provide a paid taxi to get me home, with a promise that the taxi company would text me to say they were on their way. This never happened, so in desperation I called an Uber to take me home.

    I made the RAC aware of my age, (71), and anxiety due to cancer and this made no difference.

    While in bed the following morning I got a call, about 7:45 from an RAC mechanic to say he would be with the car in 30 minutes, to which I said I could not make it in time since we are 9 miles away from my car, and we have no other means of transport, so I could not be there when he arrived. I abandoned the rescue in despair, and called out a trusted garage in the same area of my car to pick it up and take it to their premises for inspection.

    I have tried to recoup the towing fees of 50.00 and Uber cast of 9.00 with their complaints department and was offered only 9.00 for the Uber, and nothing for the towing or distress. I was told to contact membership for help with the reimbursement of the towing. I refused the offer of 9, stating that I don't consider this as full and final settlement, then I received an email stating that I had refused to accept the 9:00, and they now considered closed.

    Since I pay annually up front for my RAC membership, I don't believe in this instance I am covered by the FCA or Financial Ombudsman.

    What are my recourses here to get the 59 pounds that I'm looking for, please?

    Thank you in anticipation.
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    Hi Paul

    Sorry to read about your experience with the RAC
    Now the RAC have looked at your complaint and consider the matter closed, you should refer your case to Alternative Disputes Resolution.
    Please read the policy paper "Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumers" published by the government and can be viewed at www.gov.uk
    You definitely have a case to be refunded your costs (59), but I would also ask for compensation because of your age and health problem
    Had you waited for the RAC to arrive, you would have waited nearly 12 hours through the night in a very "salubrious" area which I expect Tesco Express are proud of


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      Thank you so much. I'll give that a go tonight.

      When I said "salubrious", I mean very dodgy, part of the city.

      Kind regards.


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        By The Way. Prostate cancer is classed as a disability.


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          Make sure you inform the ADR service about your disability and age and that you made the RAC aware of this at the time of your first or second call


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            Write a Formal Letter of Complaint, mark it as such

            Explain what's happened, how they have let you down, the effect on you i.e. stress / anxiety and what you want them to do about it - compensation.

            Email complaint to :

            Mr D hobday

            Last edited by echat11; 25th March 2024, 13:42:PM.


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              RAC breakdown cover is basically an insurance policy.
              Complaints about insurance are handled by FOS, so if you do not receive satisfaction from RAC you can escalate to ombudsman.


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