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Received pcn but vrm is incorrect

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  • Received pcn but vrm is incorrect

    Hi there,

    I need some advice please,

    I had a pcn placed on my vehicle five days ago, at a hospital car park. When I've gone on the website to pay the fine it keeps telling no record found.

    I kept trying all week yet still the same thing, just to realize today, they have taken down my registration incorrectly.

    What should I do, I've been looking through all sorts of forums and I'm so confused. When I input the wrong registration the pcn comes up with photos.

    Thank you in advance ☺️
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    I would do nothing!

    Keep the PCN and wait to see if they send you a Notice to Keeper.
    If you ever receive a NTK, it might well be non compliant with the regulations and so can be challenged.
    If & when received come back here for advice


    • #3
      The only way they can find you is via the VRM (they ask DVLA who is the Registered Keeper of the vehicle with that VRM) so with the wrong VRM your name/address won't appear as the Registered Keeper So nothing they can do. Ignore them!

      As it was a PCN placed placed on your car (not an ANPR camera picture) the only way they could find you would be if their parking enforcement officer had taken photos of your car showing the correct VRM and they later realise what has happened and try to pursue you for payment by amending their PCN. But as Des8 says by that time they'll quite likely be non-compliant with several procedural rules and timescales.

      So do nothing and come back here if they ever make contact with you. NEVER admit to them that you were the driver.
      All opinions expressed are based on my personal experience. I am not a lawyer and do not hold any legal qualifications.


      • #4
        Hi guys,

        Thank you so very kindly for your replies, I ended up sending the company an email before I saw these replies.

        I merely wrote to them explaining I've never been an owner of any vehicle with that registration.

        They have only just replied demanding my name and address within 28 days of their email, then a few sentences down they say they want my details within 14 days or they will apply for those details with reasonable cause.

        That they will send all correspondence to the vehicle owner.

        They made a mistake with the registration but they do have pictures of my vehicle.

        what should I do ?

        Thank you again


        • #5
          Pity you contacted them

          Now do nothing and hope they can't join up the dots.


          • #6
            Let's say worse case scenario they send a NTO what should I do ? As the vrm is wrong on the pcn and still wrong on the email they've sent.

            I only wrote to them as most people were saying you shouldn't ignore a pcn regardless of it's incorrect. That most companies realise their mistakes and through out the pcn and that they can't re issue a pcn with the correct details


            • #7
              What are we dealing with here?
              Most of your post seems to refer to a PARKING CHARGE NOTICE .issued by a private company
              However your last post refers to an NTO, which are sent out by local authorities dealing with PENALTY CHARGE NOTICES.

              Perhaps you could post up a redacted copy of what you have received


              • #8
                This is what I have received yesterday.


                • #9
                  Do not write to them.
                  Let them try and obtain keepers details of a vehicle bearing the reg number on the PCN.
                  They will either fail or else be given some other poor soul's details.

                  If they fail they will probably chase you again, as they don't like giving up the chance of easy money.

                  Keep all correspondence


                  • #10
                    Agree, do not contact them, ignore unless and until they come back with something else. I assume you contacted them by email so they don't know your address. Don't tell them.

                    As a matter of interest do the photos of your car that appear on their website clearly show the correct VRM of your car, or is the photo unclear/out of focus/fuzzy etc so that number can't be read with certainty? If it can be read but they have just misread it they might try to reissue the PCN. But if the photo they took doesn't actually show the VRM readably they are stuck.

                    It's a shame you contacted them (which they have treated as an appeal). If you hadn't they would have had no way to contact you at all.

                    All opinions expressed are based on my personal experience. I am not a lawyer and do not hold any legal qualifications.


                    • #11
                      Yes the pictures show my reg clearly, but I also saw on another forum that they can't re issue the ticket with the correct registration. Is that true ?


                      • #12
                        The ticket affixed to the vehicle must identify the vehicle if it is to be relied on as a notice to driver (POFA2012 SCH 4 (7) (2) (a), and it must be affixed before the vehicle is moved sch4 (7) (4)

                        So no they cannot reissue the PCN, but they might try and argue (if it is only one letter out) that it is de minimis

                        As they are outside the 14 day window to issue a NTK under Sch 4 (9) they may try and issue an NTK under Sch 4 (8) which gives them 56days from date of the event

                        It really was a pity that you contacted them


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