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Medical emergency. hospital visit/ overstay in retail park. Misinformation from store

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  • Medical emergency. hospital visit/ overstay in retail park. Misinformation from store

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Help needed

    Facts of the case:
    1. On the 02nd April 23, Mr Morris was shopping with his wife at Marks & Spencerís Food Hall, Gallagher Retail Park Axletree Way, Wednesbury, WS10 9QY.
    2. Whilst in the Store Mrs Morris, collapsed, the manager called an ambulance who took her to the local Hospital to be checked over.
    3. The store manager informed Mr Morris not to worry about his car, if a PCN weas issued it would be rescinded. The Morris's went to Hospital in an Ambulance
    4. Mr and Mrs Morris are elderly, in fact they are in their 80ís. Mr Morris had taken the PCN to the manager of M&S where he was told to ignore the letter as itís been rescinded. For this reason, no formal appeal was lodged.
    5. After receiving several letters from Debt Recovery Plus, Mr Morris went back to the store whereas the manager proceeded to show him the emails her had sent to get the ticket rescinded.
    6. The Charge is now at £160.

    The is causing the Morrisís much distress, they are an elderly vulnerable couple with health issues. Other family members have tried to help, but they are being passed back and forth, from the parking operator and the debt collection company, meanwhile the debt is increasing.

    Its my belief that the Store manager has is informed the Morris's as this is a retail park and he might not have the authority to have the PCN cancelled.

    As this was a medical emergency and the possible miss information from the store mgr. Is there any legal defence the Morris's can use?

    Kind regards

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    The company controlling parking is working for the owner of the car park. If the owner is M&S then the supermarket manager for M&S has the right to cancel the parking charge.
    Try and find out who owns the car park, the council should be able to tell you.
    If M&S own the car park ask the manager for a copy of the emails he or she had sent to get the ticket rescinded.
    Then forward or send a copy of these emails to Debt Recovery and warn them not to harass an elderly couple who are in poor health.


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      Hope they are both (Morris's) o.k.

      Write a Formal Letter of Complaint, mark it as such.

      Explain what happened, the stress it has caused them and what you want them to do.

      Email the same email to the CEO of M & S and parking firm -

      Stuart Machin
      Chief Executive
      Marks and Spencer

      Also UkPC who I think are the Car Parking firm (******Double Check******).



      Update the thread.


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        Gallagher Retail Park, Wednesbury, is owned by an estates company.
        I think the car park company may be Euro Car Parks.
        You can download a letter template on which.co.uk/consumer-rights/letter/letter-to-contest-a-parking-ticket-on-private-land.
        Your appeal would be strengthened if you can attach the manager's emails.
        Good luck.


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          Personally I wouldn't waste my time trying to get the parking company to cancel the ticket. As far as they are concerned the Morris's car overstayed and the ticket was correctly issued.

          The people at fault are M&S (or their employee, the manager.). Either their manager was telling the truth when he told Mr Morris not to worry about the parking ticket because he would ensure it was cancelled, or he couldn't do that and he was lying. Either way, M&S need to sort it.

          Mr Morris should tell M&S either (a) to get the ticket cancelled as their manager originally promised, or (b) to pay the ticket.

          (Unfortunately M&S don't have the reputation that they used to have in the 80s and 90s and I'm not surprised they've let the Morrises down...)


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            I believe that you are correct. The Parking Operator responce is below.

            I will be attending the Store on Saturday. I have already emailed their head office following advice of echat11 .

            I appreaciate all of the advive given. Thank you.

            Parking Operator:

            "Please be advised that we are unable to accept your correspondence as this parking charge notice has now been passed to a debt recovery agency.

            Please contact Debt Recovery Plus directly with regards to payment on 0208 234 6775.

            All/any communication must now be with Debt Recovery Plus.

            Kind regards,
            Customer services"


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