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NIP for 47mph on a motorway

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  • NIP for 47mph on a motorway

    I received an NIP for driving at 47mph on a motorway that was apparently reduced to 40mph but I hadnít seen the signs.

    I was driving back from seeing my partner in ITU who had just had open heart surgery and was following my sat nav instructions.

    I admitted driving but asked highways and the police for the reason why the speed was so low as the carriageway was clear from obstruction and the weather was dry.

    I even provided them with a report downloaded from the internet, showing a clear motorway on the date/time of my journey. This report is collated using information provided to them by Highways UK, but this has been ignored.

    Neither of them will take responsibility and refer me back to the other party. I have done a FOI and both have advised that they do not hold this information and to contact the other party.

    I suffer with my depression/anxiety and this has been ongoing since March 2023 which is having a severe impact on my mental health.

    I have just had to accept a course offer as the officer in charge of investigating my complaint has threatened me with a stiffer penalty if I donít.

    I am a single mom with a 6 year old daughter, trying to survive and have now had to borrow money to complete the course as I have been given until 18th August to complete it.

    Why will no one take responsibility for the reasons why the limit was so low?
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    Sorry to disappoint but none of that matters. The limit was in force and you broke it end of story, no matter how unfair that seems. The sat nav info, the clear carriageway and the weather have no bearing on the situation. You are lucky you have been offered a course so you will avoid the points - the cost is the same as the penalty notice. If this is impacting your mental health it would be best to accept it, do the course and move on - with a clean licence presumably. Good luck.


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      Which is somewhat similar (if not identical) to the answers you have been given elsewhere.


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