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Trouble with repairs

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  • Trouble with repairs

    Hello everyone I am new to this group and was looking for some help and guidance on what to do next.
    I had a new diesel tank fitted to my 07 freelander2 by manchetts of burwell in September last year as it had crushed in on itself.
    Two weeks ago I was traveling home and the fuel light came on informing me I had 48 miles left to fill up. As I was only 2 miles from home I stopped at a friend's. On trying to start it later it wouldn't fire up like it had run out of fuel. The next day the AA said it looked like it had run out. Which is odd as it said I had miles. So after putting 10ltrs of diesel.in we tried to start it.
    It wouldn't . He towed me to at Andrews garage and after a few days of detecting they informed me the sender pump in the tank wasn't connected so the tank was empty causing the main pump to overheat and break up, sending metal and bits into the injectors. These all had to be replaced costing 2631 . This was in the eyes of the second garage and the diesel injector specialist, all down to the pump not being fitted correctly at the time the tank was replaced. As a sub note when I went to pick the car up after the tank was fitted, I was told they had some issues and had to drop the tank down again. Do I have some redress as these new costs are all down to negligence of incorrectly fitting the sender pump. Where do I go next.
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    Your friend is the Consumer Rights Act 2015

    Chapter 4 deals with Services
    Sec 49 Service to be performed with reasonable care and skill
    Sec 54,55 & 56 lists your remedies

    It would be useful to have a written report from Andrews garage, together with the damaged parts before approaching
    Manchetts to see what they will offer (if anything!)

    If it comes to getting heavy you could initiate a county court claim. Relatively cheap, but possibly stressful and always a bit of a lottery.


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      Thanks I have the pumps but as it wasn't fitted correctly in the first place, it's not something tangible that I can show them. The garage has written a report stating the pump wasn't fitted correctly, but I feel they don't really want to get involved in slating another garage. Would an email to manchetts stating the fault they caused be the first point of call?


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        How did you pay for the new diesel tank? If it was with Credit / Debit Card, then it's worth exploring the Section 75 route.
        Yes, an email to manchetts is a good idea (courts, card company etc will expect you to do everything you can before you resort to them, you can show you have).


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          I wouldn't expect Andrews to agree to becoming involved in your dispute as a witness, but to have the written report is helpful.


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            If there is a problem with the fuel tank ventilation system, a strong vacuum can develop inside the fuel tank, causing it to start collapsing in on itself. ... However, if the vacuum becomes too strong during cold weather, for example, and the fuel tank shrinks too much, the sender unit's cables can become detached. #

            seen this more than once decades ago (some people fit a safety locking cap which not intended for that model and no air vent?)

            just for info above:- so could be a combination of events caused the same time!?


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              Griffith 500 Fuel Tank Collapsed go to pistonheads site and browse around there, look for similar situation?


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                The tank collapsed so a brand new one was fitted with a new breather cap. They didn't fit the old sender unit into the new tank properly. Causing it to malfunction and causing the fuel pump to overheat and break down sending swarf and metal into the injectors.


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