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VCS Ignoring Landlord Instructions - Claims Court

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  • VCS Ignoring Landlord Instructions - Claims Court

    Good Afternoon

    Back in June 2016 I was delivering some cooking equipment to the local Chinese Takeaway, I had just unloaded everything when a VCS mobile patrol arrived and proceeded in putting a PCN (Sorry Invoice) on my windscreen, I tried to explain the situation but the guy was just being arrogant and wouldn't cancel it.

    So I ended up getting a few letters from VCS and there bogus law arm BW Legal, after several calls and getting the Take Away owner & his landlord involved the landlord told them several times to cancel the PCN, which in the end they agreed to do so (the did say there was a 40 cancellation Fee but didn't state who should be paying that).* So I thought the matter was resolved, late 2018 I got a couple of letters from a debt collection agency about this, in which VCS added a additional 60 on top of the original 100, as I had already argued this with VCS back in late 2016 I just ignored it and they refer this back to VSC, VSC sent a final letter in regards to this at this point I had enough of going through this several times in 2016.

    Now I have just received a court claim form which after going through is charging the original 100 + 60 they added and 25.00 = 185.00, so I intend in putting in a defence as far as I can tell from other threads that VCS are agents of the landlord, so if the Landlord instructs them to cancel the ticket where do I stand with this?

    From what I read on another thread I think I have defence grounds on "The Claimant has no standing to bring a case", I will go back to the Landlord/Takeaway owner for a statement if needed.

    So far I have acknowledged so far but not entered anything else as I wanted some further advise.

    So any advise would be greatly apricated
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