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Problems with new car on finance what are me rights if any to return?

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  • Problems with new car on finance what are me rights if any to return?

    Hi all. I took out a pcp on a Ford Kuga January 2019. Since having the car it has been returned to the garage I believe 6 times in total for repair of ‘faults’ to the car. On picking up the car the sat nav radio console was faulty and would turn over on its own; rang ford straight away and several weeks later and 4 trips to two different garages the console was fixed. Took so long as more than twice the garages had the car for a few days said the fault was fixed as soon as I drove it home the fault occurred again.

    They finally replaced the console and this fixed the problem. Within a week the engine management light came on so another trip back to the garage where they said the DPF was most likely clogged and needed ‘cleaning’. The car is regularly driven on a motorway at 70mph. On the day they had planned to return the car after having it for several days they phoned to say the engineer was bringing it back and yet again the light came on. Car has now been in the garage for at least three weeks. They are now replacing the DPF but have said they don’t know when it will be delivered possibly next week they’re not sure. I’ve queried to reject the vehicle but they seem to be putting me off this saying it’s a very lengthy process. They have provided me with a courtesy car but surely that’s the least they can do on a car I’ve only had since January and has probably been in a garage for 6 weeks of that time?

    any help advice much appreciated


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    Yes you can reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 for not of merchantable quality. As the lease company are the owners you address the rejection to them, possibly copy the garage.


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      Thank you ostell. Do you have any info in what this fully entails? Sorry I appreciate this might not be easy to explain On a forum, or is there a link I can read more, I feel like I keep getting fobbed off by the garage and they are making out like it’s quite a difficult process to go through......


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        Here's a link to the Act

        It's quite simply. Broadly up to 30 days you have the right to reject a defective item without having to give the supplier the chance to repair. Up to 6 months you have to give them one chance to repair and the supplier has to show that the defect was not present when item purchased.

        You are within the 6 months so write the letter saying you are rejecting the car under the CRA 2015. They have had the opportunity to correct but have failed. The Act requires that the money is refunded within a reasonable period (14 days?) and they arrange to collect the car.

        With a car they are allowed to reduce the amount returned for the use you have had. This would normally be on mileage but if they do it on a time basis be prepared and work out how long you have actually had the car in you possession and not in for repair.


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          Thanks ostell. As the car is on finance I haven’t fully ‘paid’ towards the car if that makes sense? I’ve been paying monthly for the car - would I get this money refunded? Or would I be liable for the difference between what the car was worth when I signed the contract to what it would be worth a few months down the line?


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            Yes, you get your payments back less a charge for usage. The value of the car is immaterial.


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