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Voluntary termination help

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  • Voluntary termination help

    Hi there,

    i have written to my finance to give notice of voluntary termination via email on the 14/11/18 they didnít reply so I again sent the same email to them which was a template I have copied from this site including the consumer act.

    They have said they have received my email and requested I sign paper work or my own letter to confirm that I give permission for the contract to end and for them to accept voluntary termination.

    From reading other post about this, I have learned that I do not need to sign anything so I have said this many times in my many emails to them and stating I know my rights that I do not need to sign any paper work as I can just give you notice and then thatís my part done.

    They said they will accept the voluntary termination once they have received my signature, then other emails have stated that I need to fill out their paper work.

    Within a few days of them sending this email to me they then said that the voluntary termination can no longer go ahead and they have requested for the car to be collected by the collections team and that the contract has been terminated. I asked what does this mean broken down and why they have decided that now after sending the notice that they are telling me that they have terminated the contract.

    Emails have been going back and forth and they are still wantin me to sign paperwork. But I have also have a letter to say that the collections team want to collect the car.

    Im not willing to give the car over to them as I need to know what terms the contract agreement was ending I.e voluntary termination or voluntary surrender or just plain and simple cancelled.

    I know that voluntary termination and surrender work differently and I will then be liable to pay for collection recovery cost and other cost inccurd.

    They claim in some emails that they have me notice to cancel/termination me the contract agreement and then emails stating that they need my signature to process the voluntary termination. I am not giving them my signature as I know this can be used against me to say I will be liable for extra cost like extra mileage.

    I have told them that there is no car insurance for the car as I have new car, no road tax as I cancelled to direct debit and now itís mor has run out on the 14/12/2018. It is due a service too this month. I also stated that after they had received the email I sent 14/11/18 that I will have to impose a storage fee which I have read I am within my rights to do so as the car cousin be seen as abandoned.

    Im not sure what else I am to do from here.

    I dont want to gvie the car to the collection team as Iím not sure what terms the Finace has ended the contract, so I donít want to end up with added cost. Can they issue to cancel the contract agreement after I have sent a notice of voluntary termination. I have stated to them that I can out a complaint in to their workplace about them pressuring me to sign paperwork that I do not need to sign. They also said that they will seek solicitors within the same email that they told me that the contract is cancelled and the collections team will collect so wait to hear from them, and when I replied that they can gladly involve solicitors they replied back to say that want my signature to go ahead with voluntary termination, so Iím gstting confused with all the different emails.

    Please can you advise what my next steps would be. Thank you

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    Please stick to one thread for one issue, it doesn't help when you post multiple threads of the same thing. I already replied to your post yesterday

    Please be aware that this is a public forum and is therefore accessible to anyone. The content I post on this forum is not intended to be legal advice nor does it establish any client-lawyer relationship between you and me. Some of the content I post may include example wording, letters or other similar responses or templates but they are intended for informational and educational purposes only. Using some or all of my content may fail to meet your needs that is specific to your situation and I cannot be held responsible or liable in any way so you accept that you are using it at your own risk. It is recommended that you seek independent legal advice and you can do this through the Law Society's Find a Solicitor database. Alternatively, you can contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau for basic legal advice as well as various legal advice centres such as LawWorks. You may also be able to seek legal advice from your local university who may run a legal advice clinic to members of the public.


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      Sorry I wrote the first one in the wrong section and being new to this site I was unsure of how to delete the other post . Thank you


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